Cloud Innovations for Higher Education

Find out why Brocade is moving to the top of the list as institutions of Higher Education look for a world-class partner that can help enhance instruction, empower research, and deliver anytime/anywhere access to campus resources.

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The Road To Cloud Computing: How to Evolve Your Data Center LAN to Support Virtualization and Cloud: White Paper

Explore the reasons for adopting a new data center LAN architecture as presented by Ashton, Metzler & Associates.

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What Will Secure Access Service Edge Do For Your Campus? : White Paper

Here are five recommendations every IT leader in higher education should consider (and a few pitfalls to avoid) when planning and deploying a SASE solution. Download to learn more!

AI is Here: How to Ensure Security in an AI Fueled-Future: White Paper

As the dust starts to settle on AI’s entry to higher education, teams begin strategic planning around its use as well as protecting against unknown threats. Download to learn more!

Bracing for Impact: White Paper

As malware attacks grow more targeted — and effective — higher education’s rapidly growing attack surface requires multifaceted protection. Download to learn more!

Higher Education Continues to Face a Critical Cybersecurity Skills Gap: White Paper

Unified SASE solutions can help teams fill their greatest IT and security management needs while cutting down on hands-on management time, freeing up teams to focus on strategic priorities and other work that must be done.

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Brocade networking solutions help leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere. More than 250 institutions of higher education rely on Brocade for innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective solutions to meet growing demands for connectivity, data access, and security.