White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Creative Candidates Get Hired

Statistics show that the evolving marketplace and technology are changing the evaluation criteria for candidates and increasing the need for creative problem solving skills. Two primary factors driving this change are the digital revolution and the belief that creativity and creative thinking are becoming indispensable to success. To prepare, students must practice problem solving and develop creative thinking skills across disciplines. Learn more with this infographic.

Mental Models and Student Risk: How Different Ways of Thinking Drive Our Decisions

Mental models have the power to effect positive change in student retention initiatives in higher education. But what exactly are they? Download this informative Digital Dialogue to learn about the strengths and limitations of six mental models that support retention initiatives in higher education.

Lock Down Your Network

Imagine an institution-wide system that can ensure security and compliance throughout the campus, detect network abuse instantly, and reveal ways to enhance the institution’s IT services to better serve students. Download this exclusive GameChanger to learn how universities can achieve this by better managing, analyzing and protecting campus systems and networks, thereby creating an enhanced environment for recruiting and retaining today’s fully connected student.

Classroom to Career: 3D Printing Helps Students Make the Leap

There are many exciting and innovative ways in which higher education is using 3D printing. It can make the choice of institution difficult for prospective students. Download this exclusive GameChanger to learn just a few ways universities are using 3D printing in cost-effective and clever ways to teach career skills in the classroom.