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Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Stronger institutions Start with Smarter IT

Higher Education IT leadership must strive to stay aligned with their institution's mission while also driving innovation and supporting the evolution of data and eLearning sweeping campuses across the country.

Build Your College 3D Printing Curriculum

A number of colleges and universities are introducing STEM oriented certificate programs to tap into faculty knowledge and equipment in campus makerspaces and fabrication labs to train students for manufacturing-related jobs. In many cases, students can use certificate tracks as stand-alone credentials or as part of their degree “stacks.” In this report, Campus Technology describes two such programs that are close to launching. Both are intended to instill students with the skills and practical experience they need to hit the ground running.

Why Fujitsu Tablet PCs?

As universities consider the best technology for their campus, it is critical to prove the product will have low TCO and fast ROI. With over 20 years in designing mobile devices for the most challenging environments, many universities have turned to Fujitsu to provide consistent product quality and reliability for their students and staff.

Powering Progressive Education

Just as the printing press greatly improved acquiring knowledge, technology and the internet are doing the same for this and future generations - opening up inspiring new ways to learn. Download this helpful white paper to learn how universities are addressing the challenge to combine technology with teaching to the advantage of the student.