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White Papers

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Higher Education Adopts New Display Technology to Enrich Learning

As digital technology permeates society, prospective college students prefer to learn and collaborate digitally, driving more higher education institutions to adopt advanced A/V solutions to better compete for digital-first scholars and expand their total offering.

How to Set up Any Room for Lecture Capture

Institutions must consider how they currently support video-enabled instruction, while making video more accessible and useful for faculty and students.

Top 9 Must-Haves for a Successful Virtual Classroom

Once perceived as a temporary solution for surviving the pandemic, virtual learning is now essential to higher education’s operating model. Students appreciate the flexibility and choice. Virtual classrooms solve higher education’s toughest challenges: providing greater accessibility and equality for a wider range of students.

The Practical Guide to Flipping Your Classroom

Engaging Students Through Online Technology

Higher Education from Anywhere: How to Graduate to a Better Communications Platform

When the pandemic hit, higher ed institutions were faced with a number of challenges to accommodate remote learning and communication needs.

Making the Case for Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Given the "when" not "if" nature of cybersecurity incidents, college executives and administrators need to acknowledge the importance of the topic and invite the experts in regularly to educate them on what's to be done.

Ransomware: Four Ways to Protect Data Now

This white paper looks at how you can thwart digital extortion with a multilayered approach to reduce exposure and recover encrypted data more quickly and effectively.

Higher Education: Ensuring Continuity During a Disruption

This white paper presents a strategy for providing higher education services during planned or unplanned local, national or global business disruptions including: