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eCollege Partners with Cdigix for Rich Media Integration

eCollege has announced a partnership with Cdigix that will give students at institutions using the company's course management system integrated access to rich media assets, including audio and video, among other things.

Students and faculty in programs managed by eCollege will now have access to Cdigix C-Labs Enterprise Edition platform directly from the eCollege course management system. This setup provides access to course-related materials without the need to log in to a separate Web site.

"Our primary goal is student achievement," said Matt Leavy, Chief Executive Officer of eCollege, in a prepared statement.  "This partnership will enhance our customers' online learning programs, making for a more successful learning experience for students and educators alike."

Features of the C-Labs Enterprise Edition include C-Labs Community, providing institutions the opportunity to contribute to a pool of shared resources that are made available to others using the C-Labs platform; C-Labs Library, giving administrators access to specific media not available in their on-campus libraries; and C-Labs Podcasting, providing access to audio files such as speeches and lectures, in an open format that can be downloaded and played on personal media devices.

About the Author

Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.

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