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Epson To Launch Document Camera Contest

Whether it's zooming in on the minutiae of a dissected frog, displaying math examples in 3D, or viewing classroom artwork, Epson is asking how document cameras in the classroom have been beneficial teaching tools.

K-12 and post-secondary educators in the United States are invited to enter a contest to win a document camera for their classroom. Teachers that submit five top benefits to the "Epson Document Camera in the Classroom Contest" online between March 15 and May 10, 2013 will have a chance to win one of four Epson DC-20 document cameras.

Key features of Epson's DC-20 Document camera include:

  • Annotation via wired USB mouse for writing or drawing over live images;
  • Built-in microphone;
  • Application software for image editing, time-lapse photography, video upload, and file management;
  • Microscope adapter;
  • Image storage;
  • Split-screen function; and
  • A flexible rotating camera head designed to capture many angles.

Epson's DC-20 document camera retails for $699.

"Document cameras are undeniably a valuable teaching tool and we have added many powerful features to our latest document camera," said Sara Kim, associate product manager, K-12 Education Marketing, Epson America, in a prepared statement. "We hope many educators will share their innovative ways of utilizing document cameras in their classrooms."

Submissions will be judged on "creative use of document cameras in the classroom (50 percent), practicality of implementing the idea using real-life examples/application (25 percent), and impact of using document cameras on student learning (25 percent), " according to a news release about the contest.

The top four entries will be highlighted on the Epson document camera site, and contest winners will be announced in June 2013.   

Epson is a global imaging manufacturer with a product lineup that includes inkjet printers, 3LCD projectors, sensors, and other micro-devices. Visit for more information.

About the Author

Sharleen Nelson is a freelance journalist based in Springfield, Oregon. She can be reached at [email protected].

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