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Free Interactive Learning App To Roll Out Next Month

Atlas Learning has unveiled a free cloud-hosted interactive app that allows teachers to make slide decks available to students on any computer or device in real time. LiveSlide, which will be available in August, also provides interactive tools to engage students in the classroom.

LiveSlide allows teachers to present and record presentations and create new slides from scratch or use existing PDF and image files. Students can later replay the slides.

The free version of LiveSlide allows for 10 to 25 decks in a presentation with a maximum of 100 with referrals. It also provides for upload deck sizes of 10 MB to 20 MB and restricts class size to 35.

LiveSlide Premium, which includes additional features, will cost $2 or $4 per student per year, depending on how many will be using it in a school district. It provides unlimited storage, a maximum upload size of 100 MB per deck, and maximum class size of 50. In the admin panel, teachers will receive notifications when students enter or leave the app or switch to a different tab.

Other features include capability to:

  • Add annotations and drawings on top of slides and add slides during a live presentation from a camera;
  • Let students take over the presentation;
  • View information on the amount of storage used;
  • Give live quizzes and polls and play learning games (Premium); and
  • Take notes, which appear next to the relevant slide deck.

The app also allows students to draw using their devices, and teachers can change slide backgrounds.

The LiveSlide app can be used on Apple computers using Mac OSX 10.5 and above, PC computers using Windows 7 and up, Chromebooks using Google Chrome Version 16 and up, Android tablets, iPads running iOS 6 and up, and Windows tablets that use Windows 8. It integrates with SIS and LDAP servers.

For more information, visit To join the waiting list, go to

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