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Charging Carts

Trident Case Intros New Charging Carts

Trident Case has introduced two new charging carts, including one that will charge up to 30 tablets at one time.

The new carts are compatible with all Apple iPads, among other devices, and come with multiple built-in charge ports and pullout trays.

The smaller of the two new models, the Electra Cube charging cart, can accommodate up to 10 tablets, five Chromebooks or 20 smartphones at a time.

"In environments in which multiple tablets are used each day, a reliable source of power is an absolute necessity," said Trident Case Vice President of Marketing Vickie Achee.

The carts, which come in three different colors, also have an acrylic frosted window to view the devices during charging, which can charge a full load of devices in four to six hours. A red LED light indicates that the devices are being charged while a green LED light indicates that all the devices in the cart have been fully charged.

At the same time, a UV light inside the cart helps to disinfect the device cases while the devices are being charged.

"This function is particularly important in environments where germs are prevalent, such as schools," Achee said.

Trident Case also introduced two new cases, one for Chromebooks.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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