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Blackboard Collaborate: Helping higher education do more with less: Podcast


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Ransomware, Zero Trust and the Impact of the Pandemic on Higher Ed IT Security: Asset

One unintended impact of the pandemic in higher education is the strain that remote work and learning has put on IT security. In this episode of the podcast, Executive Editor Rhea Kelly talks with Stephen Heath, chief information security officer for Intrinium, an IT and security consulting and managed services company, to learn more about the security challenges institutions are facing — as well as evolving threats like ransomware.

Trends, Predictions and Opportunities for Higher Ed in 2021: Asset

How will higher education evolve as we head into — hopefully — post-pandemic times? Is it even possible to make predictions with circumstances still in flux? In this episode of the Campus Technology Insider podcast, Executive Editor Rhea Kelly talks with Richard Garrett, chief research officer at higher education research firm Eduventures, about his predictions for 2021, the impact of the pandemic on online learning and ed tech, and the opportunities he sees for higher ed in the coming year.

Students Supporting Faculty in the Shift to Hybrid Learning: Asset

When Boston University launched its hybrid learning initiative this fall, it also created a Classroom Moderator program: essentially an army of student workers deployed in the classroom to help ensure that hybrid learning could run smoothly. In this episode of the Campus Technology Insider podcast, Executive Editor Rhea Kelly talks with Ernie Perez, director of educational technology for BU Digital Learning and Innovation, and Jill Beckman, Executive Director of Client Services, about how they rolled out the classroom moderator service and made it a success.