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802.11ac: The Next Generation Wi-Fi for An All-Wireless Campus
Cedarville University Migrates to Satisfy BYOD and Student Expectations

For many students, faculty, and teachers who need to work, study, make calls, collaborate, or simply access the Internet from their tablets, smartphones or laptops, there is just not enough Wi-Fi. Attend this webcast and receive an inside look at Cedarville University's migration from a traditional wireless network designed to provide basic coverage to an 802.11ac network thoughtfully considered to support an entirely mobile student and faculty and their ever increasing demands for more bandwidth.

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Join Cedarville University and Meru Networks on June 18th to learn:

  • The BYOD and BYOA challenges which led users to demand better Wi-Fi
  • How Cedarville centered their solution around user experience
  • Lessons learned and recommendations for Campus IT teams considering the move to 802.11ac

Presented By:

  • Tim Kelly, Network Administrator, Cedarville University
  • David Rotman PHD, Chief Information Officer, Cedarville University
  • Gary Rolfsen , Sr. Manager Education Business Unit, Meru Networks

Meru Networks

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