Cloud Innovations for Higher Education

Find out why Brocade is moving to the top of the list as institutions of Higher Education look for a world-class partner that can help enhance instruction, empower research, and deliver anytime/anywhere access to campus resources.

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Ethernet Fabric for the Cloud: Setting the Stage for the Next-Generation Datacenter: White Paper

Find out how organizations can seamlessly transition to data center fabrics.

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Ransomware: Four Ways to Protect Data Now: White Paper

This white paper looks at how you can thwart digital extortion with a multilayered approach to reduce exposure and recover encrypted data more quickly and effectively.

Higher Education: Ensuring Continuity During a Disruption: White Paper

This white paper presents a strategy for providing higher education services during planned or unplanned local, national or global business disruptions including:

How to Keep Your Data and Intellectual Property Safe: White Paper

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges and universities rushed to give students and staff remote access to the tools they need to work from home. However, many of these tools won’t protect you from threats. Here’s what you need to know to keep your data secure—while providing a great user experience.

Three Ways a Digital Workspace Benefits IT and Employees Alike: White Paper

Historically, a lot of companies opposed remote work — for different reasons. Some companies and managers were concerned that employees wouldn’t be as productive working remotely or that collaboration might be impacted. Others feared increased security risks.

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Brocade networking solutions help leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere. More than 250 institutions of higher education rely on Brocade for innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective solutions to meet growing demands for connectivity, data access, and security.