With Cisco Unified Workspaces, faculty and students experience the flexibility of using any device to securely access any information, any application, and any expertise—from anywhere—for efficient, productive teaching, learning and research.

University Prepares Next Generation of Global Leaders

Duke University implemented collaboration tools and telepresence to transform the learning experience.

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BYOD Resources

The Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution supports anytime, anywhere, any-device usage, while facilitating change in IT control and management to balance the needs of both users and IT.

BYOD White Papers

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Collaboration Resources

From classroom learning to collaborative research to meeting with colleagues around the world, Cisco Collaboration solutions can dramatically improve productivity, foster innovation, and streamline administration.

Collaboration White Papers

  • University Embraces Bring Your Own Device PDF screen shot

    The University of South Florida wanted to expand wireless coverage to support a growing number of personal devices and deliver highly secure anywhere, anytime wireless access. Read More

  • Staying Ahead of the Metagame: eSports Basics for K-20

    K-12 and higher education are scrambling to keep up with student demand for the newest mode of learning: esports. Experts in K12 and Hi Ed explain why it’s happening, how to get started and how it is benefiting students of all ages. Download this overview from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more. Read More

  • Why Fujitsu Tablet PCs?

    As universities consider the best technology for their campus, it is critical to prove the product will have low TCO and fast ROI. With over 20 years in designing mobile devices for the most challenging environments, many universities have turned to Fujitsu to provide consistent product quality and reliability for their students and staff. Read More

  • 7 Proven Strategies to Fuel Transformation to a Modern, Agile Campus

    Campus leaders are under pressure. Resources are scarce, and aligning them to the core mission of the institution is more important than ever before. It’s time to implement new ways of thinking, new processes, and new technologies. Find out how! Read More

  • Next Generation Wireless Network PDF screen shot

    A next-generation wireless network provides access throughout campus for Bowdoin College. Read More

  • Case Study: Butler University

    At Butler University, 1,300+ access points have enabled them to provide timely, personalized communications to students via Bluetooth Beacons and API integrations, as well as use network analytics to make informed decisions. Read this case study to learn how the abundance and reliability of wireless has become the foundation for fun, exciting campus experiences that students and the university can use to achieve success. Read More

  • BYOD and Virtualization: Top 10 Insights from Cisco IBSG Horizons Study PDF screen shot

    Learn what 600 enterprise IT leaders from 18 industries had to say about the BYOD trend. Read More

  • Haverford College Adopts Automated Shipping and Tracking for Campus Parcels and Mail

    The popularity of ecommerce has resulted in college and university mail centers seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of inbound and outbound packages come through their mail centers on a daily basis. Read More

  • Data in Flight: Integrating CAS on Campus

    Yes, Centralized Application Services (CASs™) do an amazing job with the admissions process. But the data maintained by a CAS can do so much more once it’s released to other school systems. Download this roadmap for achieving CAS integrations on your campus. Read More

  • HP PageWide Technology PDF Screenshot

    Business moves fast. Professional impressions are paramount. Exceptional office printing helps set the pace,pushes projects forward, makes work teams more efficient, and improves the bottom line. Download this White Paper to learn how HP PageWide Technology delivers up to twice the speed at up to half the cost per page cost compared with color laser printers. Read More

  • Lenovo is Your Partner in Common Core Readiness PDF Screenshot

    As districts decide how to spend Common Core dollars, technical requirements are just the start. Download this White Paper to learn how education-built products and innovative services can help you build a reliable, responsive infrastructure that supports true integration of technology into learning and success. Read More

Collaboration Videos

VXI Resources

The Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Solution provides virtual desktops, voice, video, and applications within a unified environment that makes the next generation of collaborative education possible.

VXI White Papers

  • The Cost Advantage of Smart Signage PDF Screenshot

    We live in a multiscreen world. Nearly every consumer interacts on a daily basis with a TV screen at home, a smartphone screen on the move, a computing device screen in the office, and increasingly, a digital signage screen when shopping, at the doctor’s office or quick serve restaurant. Download this white paper to learn how digital signage can have a tangible impact on buying behavior. Read More

  • 3 Strategies to Engage Students in Online Learning

    Despite the popularity of online programs, online-only students tend to struggle more than those in face-to-face courses. While 79% of online students view online programs as at least as good – if not better than – traditional courses, online courses typically have a 10-20% lower retention rate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three practical, proven ways to engage students in online learning programs. Read More

  • Symantec Backup Exec 2014 PDF Screenshot

    Download this White Paper to learn how schools are saving time and money while helping to protect and recover critical information during disasters and data losses. Read More

  • Using Video to Drive Student Success – Full webinar recording with Odessa College

    View the full webinar recording on how Odessa College doubled graduation rates, earning the Aspen Prize Rising Star Award. Hear about their four strategies to strengthen instructor-student relationships and how video analytics helped reach struggling students. Read More

  • Tuskegee University Boosts WAN Performance and ROI with Dell SonicWALL PDF screen shot

    See how Tuskegee University used Dell SonicWALL's E-Class NSA E7500 to overcome their firewall challenges and malware and phising attacks which resulted in higher performance throughput, greater security, enhanced mobility support along with an increased ROI through consolidation. Read More

  • The Challenges (and Solutions) of Digital Integration

    Over the last three years, nothing else in the EDUCAUSE annual Top IT issues ranking has grown with the same fierce pace as digital integrations. Not security, not student success, not college affordability. Download this insightful Industry Perspective to understand how IT approaches integration projects goes a long way in defining their ultimate success. Read More

  • Deliver the New Education Virtual Workspace with Cisco VXI PDF screen shot

    Unlock virtual workspaces in a virtual classroom and lecture hall with video and voice. Read More

  • Transforming Higher Education with Mobility Solutions: A Strategic Guide for Colleges and Universities Considering BYOD Support Models PDF screen shot

    Over the past decade, technology has radically transformed the higher education experience. Learning has moved out of the classroom, and students expect to be able to pursue their education from any location at any time. This paper presents guidelines for colleges and universities considering bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support models and presents guidelines for implementing mobility programs to modernize your IT strategy and improve the working and learning environment for students, faculty and staff. Read More

  • During this webcast, you’ll learn about funding dynamics and digital transformation, the disruption – and benefits - change brings to your campus, the campus leader’s role in driving change, and the technology needed to support it. Read More

  • Wi-Fi 6 in Education: The Next Generation of Wireless

    Read this whitepaper to lean how Wi-Fi 6 compatible access points will provide the higher density, throughput, and performance that education institutions will need to support learning initiatives moving forward. Read More

  • Tablets in Education: Is Your Network Ready? PDF screen shot

    The influx of tablets and other unmanaged devices in schools creates a complex set of problems that require an architectural approach for resolution. Read More

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