High-Performance Computing

Stanford Research Computing Facility To Use Nearly 3 Megawatts of Highly Efficient UPS Systems

The new Stanford Research Computing Facility, which is slated to open late next year, will feature nearly three megawatts of uninterruptible power supply systems.

Oxford Supercomputer Goes Heavy on Graphics Processing

A consortium led by the University of Oxford has just taken a new supercomputer online that has greater graphical processing power than any other machine in the United Kingdom.

Penn State Research Center Shifts to Solid State Storage

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Rice U 25,000-Core Supercomputer To Power Up in May

Rice University is doubling the number of supercomputing hours it can offer its researchers with the addition of a new IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer, which will become operational in May. Rice and IBM are sharing the cost of the system.

Rutgers Launches HPC Center, Plans Expansion by End of Year

Rutgers University is teaming with IBM to launch a new high-performance computing (HPC) center in its newly created Rutgers Discovery Information Institute.

Marist College Beefs Up HPC with IBM z114 Hybrid Mainframe

Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY is expanding its high-performance computing capabilities with a new hybrid computing system from IBM for AIX and Linux applications.

Purdue Builds Top-100 Supercomputer on Unreleased Chips

Purdue University is home to one of the fastest supercomputers in the country and the 54th most powerful in the world, according to the international Top500.org list. The twist is that the system uses Intel chips that haven't been released to market yet and aren't expected until next March.

Adaptive Computing Releases Free TORQUE 4.0 Beta

Adaptive Computing has released a beta update to its free, open source tool for controlling batch jobs and distributed computing resources--TORQUE 4.0.

Indiana U Sets Up Secure Community Research Cloud

A consortium of universities will be using a cloud-based high performance computing system based in secure premises. A partnership between Indiana University and HPC vendor Penguin Computing will help researchers get around concerns about where the shared equipment delivering their services is kept.

Xtreme-X Supercomputer Exploits Newest Multi-Core Chips

A supercomputer company has begun showing off its latest hardware for high performance computing. Appro is about to launch the Appro Xtreme-X, a supercomputer that can use one of two new competitive generations of microprocessors.