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CUNY, IBM To Help New York Schools Reduce Energy Consumption

IBM and City University of New York have teamed up to develop a new analytics tool that's designed to help New York's public schools save on energy costs. The conservation program will also be used to give a boost to STEM education in the city's K-12 schools.

Towson U Tackles Audio CAPTCHA

A team of instructors and students at Towson University is trying to build a better CAPTCHA mousetrap, one that incorporates audio to make Web sites more accessible to the blind.

Carnegie Mellon Taps Tech To Tackle the Problem of Potholes

A project at Carnegie Mellon University has been launched in hopes of improving the condition of roads in Pittsburgh in time for the spring thaw while helping city road crews know where the worst potholes are located in their region.

20-Hour Cyber Competition Pushes Students To Tackle Wall Street Shutdown

A regional cyber competition this month will pit security experts from Boeing, McAfee Foundstone, Logic Security, and a district attorney's office posing as terrorists against students from six western universities.

Site Gives Students Web Access to Open Source Computation Tools

A small UK company has launched a set of free open source computation utilities for college students.

Green Competition Looks for Urban Energy Conservation Ideas

A new international competition challenges college students--and particularly women--to come up with creative ways to save energy in five different sectors of city environments.

IBM Launches 'Big Data' Bootcamps in Universities

Now that Watson has had its latest resurgence of fame and appeared as a top trending topic on both Google and Twitter, IBM is about to show college students how to use the underlying technologies of the supercomputer.

Purdue To Train 18 Security Specialists with Million-Dollar Grant

Purdue University has received a grant that will help it fund scholarships for master students in information security. The million-dollar, two-year grant from the National Science Foundation could be renewed for an additional two years.

Supercomputer Center Installs Flash-Powered Cluster

The San Diego Supercomputer Center at the UC San Diego has installed a 10,368-core AMD-based cluster that uses flash storage in place of traditional disk drives. Named Trestles, the new system is expected to serve members of TeraGrid, a distributed "cyberinfrastructure" for open scientific research, through 2013.

Project Spotlight: Teaching Students Global Software Development

Tapping the talents of a globally based team of programmers promises the alluring image of efficient, around-the-clock application development. But as these students learned, time conflicts, power outages, and over-commitment can get in the way of a good idea.