Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Knovel Challenge Tests Engineering Student Research Know-How

Students from the University of California, San Diego, Virginia Tech, the University of Arkansas, and 16 other institutions have won prizes in an annual contest that encourages engineering students to learn how to do specialized searches.

Intel Labs Picks Stanford for New R&D Research Investment Model

Chip maker Intel is stepping up its R&D funding to American universities by up to five times what it currently invests. The company announced plans to pour $100 million directly into university research in the United States over the next five years.

MIT Promotes 'Convergence' as Model for 21st Century Research

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has put forth a new model for research that applies the technical tools of engineering, along with its disciplined design approach, to life science research. The model, known as "convergence," calls for a rethinking of how scientific research is conducted and promotes an integrated approach for achieving innovation.

Arizona State Tries Adaptive Software for Basic Math Courses

Arizona State University will be expanding a pilot program to train college students in basic math skills using an online program that provides adaptive forms of instruction.

Purdue Course Instructs Teachers on Elementary Grade Engineering Principles

PBS TeacherLine has introduced an online course developed at Purdue University for elementary teachers specifically to strengthen their teaching strategies in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics.

How Next-Gen Automotive Engineers Are Educated

The EcoCAR competition is nearing its three-year end. Along the way students have gained an amazing education in hybrid vehicle design. But that's just the beginning.

Australian Researchers Gain Access to Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft is providing cloud computing grants for three of Australia's research organizations. National ICT Australia, the Australian National University, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation will receive three years of free access to Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform, as well as technical support and client tools under development.

Michigan Universities Pool Funds To Buy More Cores

Two Michigan universities have pooled their funds to add a new cluster to a high performance computing center located at one of the institutions.

DeVry Switches to HP for Intensive Student Computing

To accommodate the intensive computing needs of its technology and engineering students and faculty, DeVry University has completed most of a three-year computer refresh to move to HP Z Workstations and HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations.

Pittsburgh High School Girls Get Robotic Training from Carnegie Mellon

High school girls in Pittsburgh are getting a push into technology and, particularly, robotics, with the creation of an all-girl team that will compete in robotic competitions in 2011.