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U Texas Arlington Adds Partner Hospital to Support Accelerated BSN Program

The College of Nursing at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) has partnered with HCA Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio to boost the number of students in its Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.

MIT Auto-Sensing System Maps Emergency Sites

Researchers at MIT have developed the prototype for a "wearable sensor system" that can create a digital map of an environment as the person wearing the system moves through the building.

Students Get Hands-On Experience with Nanoscience Program

A new nanoscience program, funded by the National Science Foundation, enables students to build and manipulate nanoscale structures without the need for a cleanroom.

UCSF Automates Conflict of Interest Management

The University of California, San Francisco, which is dedicated exclusively to the health sciences, will automate its conflict of interest disclosure process to comply with new National Institute of Health (NIH) COI disclosure regulations.

Readyforce Campus Tour To Connect Tech Students with Online Companies

A firm that aims to help startup and technology companies connect with college students for internships and employment will shortly be taking to the road in a 25-campus tour to introduce its new service to potential student users.

Physics Instructors Try New Teaching Methods, but Few Stick with Them

A study by researchers at Western Michigan University and the University of Colorado - Boulder found that although physics teachers are willing to try innovative teaching techniques in introductory physics courses, many revert to traditional teaching approaches in short order.

Creating Tech Programs Industry Wants

With the demand for STEM skills growing, community colleges play a key role in preparing students for local industry needs. CT looks at three ways schools are training the next generation of tech employees.

Researchers Tackle How Cars Can Share Data via WiFi

As automakers continue working on the best approach for adding communications technology to their cars, a project involving researchers from MIT, Georgetown University, and the National University of Singapore will help ensure that WiFi has a fighting chance against other pricier offerings.

Oxford Supercomputer Goes Heavy on Graphics Processing

A consortium led by the University of Oxford has just taken a new supercomputer online that has greater graphical processing power than any other machine in the United Kingdom.

MIT Mechanics online sample problem

MIT Prof Offers Free Online Intro to Newtonian Mechanics

MIT Professor of Physics David Pritchard is running a free online physics course this summer to help teachers and students brush up on their knowledge.