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IBM Launches Sim Game To Tackle City Challenges

As part of its marketing push for "smarter cities," IBM has launched a new simulation game to help players understand the challenges faced by cities. CityOne gives participants the opportunity to tackle crisis scenarios by exploring 100 real-world scenarios to transform cities through technologies that reduce traffic congestion, save water, streamline supply chains, and tap alternative energy sources.

Researchers Break DC Voting System and Leave School Fight Song Behind

An experiment in digital voting by Washington, DC not only gave the developers behind the project a taste of the challenges they face in creating a secure voting application, but it gave researchers at the University of Michigan a chance to broadcast their school's fight song every time somebody cast a vote.

Researchers Gain Free Access to Microsoft Cloud Resources

Scientists in Japan will be gaining free access to cloud computing resources in a joint grant program set up between Microsoft and Japan's National Institute of Informatics. The initiative is part of a project being promoted by the institute to encourage researchers to explore the use of the cloud for supporting data retrieval from new kinds of information systems that require high performance computing.

IBM Opens Analytics Center at Budapest University

IBM has opened a new analytics center in Budapest, Hungary, located on the campus of the 375-year-old ELTE University.

U Cincinnati To Share Research Management Platform

The University of Cincinnati in Ohio will be tapping into a research management system already in use at its affiliate, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

DoD Seeks Applicants for STEM Scholarships

Three hundred students interested in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM field) have the chance to get a nearly full ride for their undergraduate or graduate education through a program sponsored by the United States Department of Defense.

Microsoft Takes HPC to the Cloud

Windows HPC Server 2008 R2, launched Monday, has been optimized for 1,000 node, up from a previous limit of 256 nodes.

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Report: Degree Attainment Needs To Accelerate

The authors of a new report warned that the United States is slipping on degree completion compared with other nations, falling to fourth overall among adults and 10th among young adults. We will ignore the underling causes of this trend "at our peril," they said. But what can colleges and universities do to help? Technology is one part of the solution.

National Instruments Device Lets Engineering Students Dink Around

A new sub-$200 device from National Instruments allows engineering students to experiment with circuitry.

UC San Diego Team Conserves Smart Phone Energy with New Chip

A group of researchers at the University of California, San Diego are working on the engineering challenge of reducing the power requirements of ever more powerful processors in smart phones by introducing specialized processors to take over some of the workload.