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Fedora 15 Adds Cloud Deployment Builder, GNOME 3 Desktop, Robotics Suite

The Fedora Project has released an update to its flagship Linux-based operating system, Fedora 15.

U Rhode Island Researchers To Test IBM Academic Social Networks

The University of Rhode Island has begun working with IBM on a project that will test out the company's ability to automate some of the work involved in connecting researchers to funding sources and collaborators.

Saving Engineering Education: An Interview with IEEE President Moshe Kam, Part 1

In the first of this two-part interview, Moshe Kam examines the challenge of dwindling numbers of U.S. students in STEM fields and explains why he believes engineering could be saved by a greater focus on recruiting women and what could be the key to drawing them and others to the field.

Oregon Community Colleges Collaborate on Healthcare Distance Ed

The Oregon Community Colleges Healthcare Education Alliance is looking to expand availability of its healthcare-related degrees and certificates through distance education.

DePaul Students Collaborate with Visualization Software

Graduate students in DePaul University are learning how to prototype applications with the aid of visualization software made available through the iRise campus program.

IBM Grants Fund Smarter Planet Curriculum Development

Fifty faculty members from 40 institutions in 14 countries have each received $10,000 grants from IBM for the work they're doing in developing innovative courseware and curriculum in healthcare, transportation, and city planning.

Knovel Adds New Mining/Metallurgy Resources to Tech Collection

A company that makes technical information available in digital form for engineers and scientists has expanded its online collection.

NASA Looks for Education Partners

NASA is seeking collaborators to help with its education goals in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

MIT Researchers Tackle Challenge of Dropped Calls

Researchers at MIT have developed a new set of protocols to define how a handoff should happen during wireless communication. The findings could eventually help improve cell phone and WiFi performance for users on the move.

New U Illinois Institute Pushes Parallel Computing Research into Double Time

A new institute within the University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory will focus on research and development in the area of parallel computing, providing access to resources and infrastructure, teaching students, going after grants, and facilitating partnerships among academia and industry.