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Cornell Software Course Gets Boost from Facebook

Cornell University has launched a new course, Open-Source Software Engineering, designed in collaboration with Facebook to provide students hands-on experience with software development and collaboration with geographically dispersed teams.

Businesses and Nonprofits Increase Higher Ed R&D Spending as Federal and State Contributions Decline

Businesses and nonprofit organizations increased their contributions to higher education R&D in fiscal 2012 while state and federal contributions dipped.

High Career Turnover Rates for Women in STEM Fields: Inhospitable Environment a Factor

Fifty percent of women working in STEM careers leave their field for other occupations in the first 12 years of their career, compared to only 20 percent of professional women in non-STEM fields, according to a new study from researchers at Cornell University and the University of Texas at Austin.

MIT, Notre Dame, UT San Antonio Help Build Hybrid Cloud Environment for Education

Researchers at MIT, UT San Antonio and Notre Dame are collaborating with Internet2 and Rackspace Hosting to build a new OpenStack-optimized hybrid cloud environment designed to help the research and education community use the cloud for big data research.

CMU Computer Understands Images with Minimal Human Assistance

NEIL is watching and learning. NEIL is the Never Ending Image Learner computer program at Carnegie Mellon University. Since late July, NEIL has been running 24 hours a day, searching the Web for images, identifying and labeling objects in the images, and attempting to make associations between those objects with minimal assistance from people.

Intel Intros HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop for Storing and Processing Big Data

Intel has rolled out its new Intel HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop software, an enterprise-grade solution designed for storing and processing large data sets.

UC San Diego Deploying 2 PFLOPS System Supporting High-Performance Virtualization

The San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego is deploying Comet, a virtualized petascale supercomputer to address the needs of "the 99 percent."

Duke U Wins $15 Million Grant Renewal for Nanomaterial Research

The Center for Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology, a multi-institutional research center headquartered at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, has won a $15 million grant renewal from the National Science Foundation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

U Michigan Launches Project To Improve STEM Teaching

University of Michigan is preparing for a new project, called REBUILD, which aims to improve STEM education with implementation of evidence-based teaching practices.

Cornell Joins Jet Propulsion Lab's Strategic University Research Partners

Cornell University has become the 13th member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Strategic University Research Partnership program. SURP provides support for summer internships for undergraduate students and collaborative research and educational opportunities.