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Clemson U Puts Graphing Calculator at Front of Teacher Training Class

Clemson University in South Carolina will be the home of an expanded professional development program for math teachers sponsored by Casio's Education Division.

Battle of Gettysburg Gets High-Tech Gigapixel Panorama Treatment

A collaboration of history and technology is allowing people to learn more about a key battle of the Civil War, which took place during the first week of July in 1863 outside of Gettysburg.

Virginia Tech EcoCAR Entry Tops 81 MPG Equivalent

A car that achieved a fuel efficiency of nearly 82 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent helped a team of students from Virginia Tech University take top honors during the final rounds of the three-year EcoCAR Challenge competition last month.

Nao STEM Available for Community Colleges

Nao STEM, Aldebaran's humanoid robot for STEM education, is now available for use in community colleges and high schools in the United States.

Winners Near Finish Line in EcoCAR Competition

A three-year project by the United States Department of Energy and General Motors to woo engineering students into learning next-generation automotive technology comes to a close this month as teams from universities around the continent participate in the final rounds of competition.

MIT Gets MedTech Implant with New R&D Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has co-created a center dedicated to research and development in medical device technology.

NASA's MICI Seeks Grant Applicants for Competitions

NASA's Minority Innovation Challenges Institute is offering grants for minority serving institutions to enter the University Student Launch Initiative or the Lunabotics Mining Competition in 2012.

Saving Engineering Education: An Interview with IEEE President Moshe Kam, Part 2

In part 2 of this series, Kam divulges what area of engineering he'd enter right now if he were just getting into the field, what engineering can lend to life sciences, and how IEEE volunteer work in disaster zones deserves greater attention.

Laurentian University Wins NASA Mining Competition

A team from Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada has won NASA's Lunabotics Mining Competition.

UC San Diego Hospital Uses Cloud for Trauma-Related File Transfer

A university hospital in Southern California has begun using cloud computing to receive imaging work from a remote hospital to expedite the treatment of trauma patients.