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D2L Expands Generative AI Beta Program

D2L has expanded its generative AI program with the ability to generate practice and quiz questions based on current course content. The ongoing beta program is being tested by select D2L Brightspace users.

The beta testing program uses content created in Brightspace and allows teachers to view the AI practice and quiz questions before making them available to students, giving them more safety and control oversight, D2L said. North American testing began in September 2023 and will continue through summer 2024.

The beta program is based on D2L's "Responsible AI Principles" document. It gives guidelines for using AI safely and responsibly to generate course materials, in these areas:

  • Privacy: customers' control of their own personal data and automated decisions based on it;
  • Bias and non-discrimination: AI design, development, and use that is fair and avoids harm to users;
  • Security and robustness: practices that test AI systems for reliability, security, and avoidance of harm;
  • Transparency: easy-to-understand AI outputs and disclosures about when, where, and how AI is used; and
  • Accountability: practices that are answerable to all stakeholders and promote safe and responsible use of AI.

"Over the past decade, D2L has been a leader in successfully integrating authentic AI and machine learning capabilities into our products," said Stephen Laster, D2L president. "This automated question generation capability can make it easier for instructors to assess learners in the moment. It is the initial step in expanding our product roadmap with cutting-edge generative AI to help change the way the world learns."

For more information and to try the practice questions beta program, visit the Brightspace Creator+ page.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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