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July 2011 cover image

Campus Technology Digital Edition - July 2011

Smart Shoppers

Purchasing >> Soft Where?

Licensing Struggles in a Virtual World

Software licensing has not kept pace with virtualization on campus. IT administrators discuss the challenges this poses and the future of licensing. by Rama Ramaswami

Purchasing >> 13 Secrets of the Deal

CT shares insider secrets for negotiating with vendors and getting the deal you want. by Dian Schaffhauser

Purchasing >> BI Buy

Two universities apply the principles of business intelligence to procurement and purchasing, with significant results. by Jennifer Demski


Learning Management Systems >> Quo Vadis, LMS?

A panel of leading educators and vendors discusses the future of the LMS and the innovations needed to make it integral to 21st century learning.

In This Issue
  • Login / Whither Higher Education?
  • CT Online
  • Campus + Industry
  • Index
  • Trendspotter / A New Frontier in Security
  • Leadership / Wireless Access Points. By Michelle Fredette
  • Leadership / Project Rescue. by Stephen Lester

JULY 2011 | Volume 24, No. 11 | 78 Pages