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Cover Image, November/December 2011

Campus Technology Digital Edition - November 2011

Cover Story:

Cloud Computing >> Diving Into the Cloud

In part one of a two-part series, CT provides an easy-to-understand primer to help educate campus constituents on the cloud and what it can do for their institutions. by Charlene O’Hanlon and Dian Schaffhauser

Student Services >> 7 Ways to Streamline Student Services

To meet the expectations of today’s tech-savvy stu- dents, colleges and universities are looking for ways to speed up their processes and provide better services for their No. 1 customer. by Michelle Fredette

Online Learning >> 6 Easy Steps to Online Success

Against his better instincts, an educator at West Texas A&M University shares his school’s recipe for developing a successful online learning program. by Richard Rose

In This Issue
  • Login / Jobs, Well Done
  • CT Online
  • In Box
  • Campus & Industry
  • Index
  • Trendspotter / Automating Student Advising? Think BI
  • Security / Stepping Into the Breach. by Sue Marquette Poremba
  • Learning Management / Regaining Your Faculties. by Eric Malm and Joanna F. DeFranco
  • Mobile Computing / Mobile Strategy, or Moving Target? by Toni Fuhrman
  • Product Focus / Do Netbooks Have Net Worth? by Dian Schaffhauser

NOVEMBER 2011 | Volume 25, No. 3 | 44 Pages