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CT Magazine Cover - August

Campus Technology Magazine — November 2012

Cover Story — Access Denied?

Making websites and course content accessible may be the law, but many schools have a long way to go toward compliance.

Who Owns Captured Lectures?
Universities can use most recorded lectures for free, but in some cases payment may be required, distribution restricted, or permissions needed.
3D Tech: More than a "Wow" Factor
3D technology has the possibility to revolutionize training in a host of disciplines—and cut costs.
Mining Data to Help Students
Pioneering schools are mining Big Data in hopes of uncovering the ultimate riches: improved student learning and performance.
Highly Collaborative Classroom Furniture
Cutting-edge learning spaces are designed with flexibility and collaboration in mind, right down to the modular tables and chairs.
The Data-Storage Crisis
With the amount of data predicted to grow 800 percent by 2016, how will higher ed store and manage the tidal wave of information?
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November 2012 | vol. 26 no. 3

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