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Katherine GraysonThere's more than one way to view compensation and benefits, and many ways to use the information to boost your career.

We are delighted to welcome our readers to the 2007 Salary Survey issue, crammed with vital and compelling data about the compensation and benefits of tech-related campus posts, nationwide. This year, we have not only asked our respondents to weigh in on actual facts and figures, but we've queried them regarding their satisfaction and competitive perceptions as well—even regarding issues such as "sitting at the president's table." The results have been sliced and diced to give our readers outstanding perspective by title, region, institution type, institution tier, gender, age, number of certifications, and more. In the following pages, you'll find some of the most interesting results our survey offered up; navigate by section or by chart, using the table of contents breakdown.

Frankly, though, there just wasn't enough room inside this issue for all the ways we could carve up this study and, in many cases, we were forced to lump category groups together simply because—for instance—no two individuals can agree on a title or job description that actually represents the same work responsibilities! (Alas, that is the challenge of surveying higher education folks; see "What's in a Name?" for more on the title conundrum.) So, if you cannot find what you are looking for in the following pages, head to our website to review additional charts and analysis. And if you still don't see what you need, e-mail us, and we'll review your request for publication in our Stats column year-round; our survey machine will continue to yield results throughout 2008, so watch for them!

Importantly, across print, web, and expanded survey results to come throughout the year, you now have information at your fingertips that will be invaluable in your next raise or benefits negotiation, or may influence a decision to make a move to a peer campus (or even to a non-academic environment; yes, we have stats on that too). So turn to page 9 to start tracking the career guidance you will need in 2008. Happy hunting!

--Katherine Grayson, Editor-In-Chief
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About the Author

Katherine Grayson is is a Los Angeles based freelance writer covering technology, education, and business issues.

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