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SmartDraw 2012 Adds Visual Hubs Improved Organizational Tools

SmartDraw Software has released SmartDraw 2012, with improved organizational tools, visual information hubs, and the ability to assign projects by person.

The product, developed by the San Diego, CA-based company, lets users create visuals in a variety of formats, including project charts, mind maps, timelines, and more, using its visual processor.

New features in SmartDraw 2012 include:

  • Floating toolbars, which control zoom, scrolling, and timeframe displayed;
  • Project timeline zoom and scroll, allowing project charts to fit on a single page;
  • Data export to Microsoft Project;
  • Enhanced assignment and outline project views;
  • The ability to move or duplicate commonly used tasks with copy and paste, or by putting them into a custom task library;
  • Visual information hubs, which provide access and organization for documents in many formats, including PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Web sites; and
  • Meeting View, which lets users assign projects by person.

SmartDraw 2012 is available to post-secondary school students and instructors for $99. Licensing plans are also available for colleges and universities.

For more information, visit A free trial is available at

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