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Xirrus Unveils New Wireless Arrays

Xirrus will release a pair of new wireless arrays appropriate for dormitories and classrooms, which allows for increased deployment flexibility.

XR-1000, developed for space-constrained, low-user, and isolated areas, is based upon a network services processor and works in dense wall areas. It can be used for up to 160 users and is 802.11ac/11ad ready. Radios can be bought at either 300 or 450 Mbps, and schools can increase capacity without adding devices. It is also designed to be easily upgradeable.

Features of the Xirrus XR-1000 include:

  • A pair of 2.4GHz and 5GHZ radios with a spectrum analyzer, firewall, threat sensor, on-board multi-gigabit switch, controller, and high-gain directional antennas;
  • A modular seven-inch chassis designed for use in high RP attenuation environments;
  • Hardware-based encryption, acceleration, and compression, designed for 8.211n use;
  • Two slots and two access points; and
  • An elliptical-shaped coverage pattern created by directional antennas.

The Xirrus XR-2000, which supports up to 320 users and 300 Mbps or 450Mbps, includes four slots and four access points, instead of two.

Both models are upgradeable and feature wireless functionality at the edge of the network instead of with a centralized controller.

The XR-1000 and XR-2000 Wireless Arrays will be available in the first quarter of 2012.

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