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Turnitin Adds Translated Plagiarism Detection

iParadigms has added a new tool to its Turnitin Suite that's designed to detect plagiarized material that has been translated from English to another language.

The new software, currently available as a beta release, translates student assignments to English then compares them to more than 17 billion Web pages, 200 million student papers, and tens of thousands of books, newspapers, and periodicals. The company also has partnerships with scholarly and research publications in scientific, technical, and medical fields.

The translation matching service is available for the French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, and Turkish versions of Turnitin. Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, and Romanian translation matching is also available, though the accuracy rate for those is not as high as the first group yet, according to Chris Harrick, Turnitin's vice president of marketing.

"Over one billion students around the world are English Language Learners and their proficiency in English is quickly matching that of their first language, leading to a rise in translated plagiarism," said Chris Caren, iParadigms president and CEO, via a press release. "Translated matching has been a 'much requested' innovation from our international customers who are struggling with translated plagiarism and previously didn't have a solution to help them."

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