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U New Haven Deploys iPad App for Recruitment

A Connecticut university is deploying a digital application review platform for potential undergraduate students in order to increase recruitment efficiency.

The University of New Haven is the first undergraduate program to select Matchbox's iPad app, which is used for reviewing applications, making annotations, and providing scores on compatibility for potential students.

Features include:

  • Evidence-based scoring techniques;
  • Electronic score cards, which take into consideration customized factors for each school. Evidence can be included from application to score card;
  • Annotation, which highlights text in recommendations, resumes, and essays, and links the copy to a scoring criterion; and
  • Customizable roles, such as screener, reader, interviewer, career review, academic reviewer, reviewer, or director. It is the director's responsibility to assign applications to the appropriate person.

In addition, Matchbox provides templates for colleges and universities. It also provides analytics for admissions metrics, charts and graphs such as demographics of applications, and graphs that compare application ratings.

"Efficiency is paramount to us, as our admissions officers are working while traveling for weeks at a time during recruitment season and applications can pile up," said Kevin Phillips, associate vice president for enrollment management at University of New Haven. "Matchbox empowers us to read more applications when on the road to match more qualified students to our school, in the most efficient manner. Additionally, the ability to allow us to go paperless has helped us to further our dedication to sustainability."

University of New Haven has approximately 6,400 students, with 4,600 undergraduates and 1,800 graduate students. It offers about 125 undergraduate degree programs and majors.

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