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EAB Acquires Concourse to Help Colleges and Universities Recruit Students

EAB, a company that partners with over 2,500 K–12 and higher education institutions, recently announced the acquisition of Concourse Global, creator of an alternative college admissions platform to help increase access to higher education. The company also announced it is expanding its Greenlight Match program, a partnership with Concourse launched in 2021.

“Concourse’s proprietary technology flips the script on the traditional application process, enabling schools to compete for students with proactive offers of admission and financial aid,” EAB said in its release. The technology allows students to work with counselors and organizations to create anonymous profiles of their academic records, achievements, and preferences, which are then sent out to prospective colleges and universities before a formal application is ever submitted. Institutions review profiles and send information to prospective students about college costs, along with preliminary competitive offers. Students can receive multiple potential offers before engaging in a time-consuming application process.

EAB said acquiring Concourse will help to streamline its goal of helping underserved students. “The current college enrollment process works well for many but not all students,” the company said. “Students who come from families with lower incomes, those who are the first in their families to attend college, or students applying to U.S. schools from overseas face outsize obstacles…. At the same time, schools are struggling to diversify their student bodies. The Concourse platform reinvents the admission process to support underserved students and help schools recruit diverse and global communities of learners.”

The Greenlight Match program is a partnership with Concourse launched in Chicago in 2021 to help underserved students reduce barriers to higher education. It resulted in nearly 2,000 admission offers and over $135 million in scholarship and financial aid offers to over 650 local students. With the program’s expansion, EAB hopes to help over 13,000 students in six new metropolitan areas.

For more information, visit the EAB website.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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