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Artificial Intelligence

NSF Announces 7 New AI Research Institutes at Universities Nationwide

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced a $140 million investment in seven new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes on themes spanning trustworthy AI, next-generation cybersecurity, AI for decision-making, AI-augmented learning, and other important topics. The overall goal is to contribute a federal effort to understand the opportunities and risks connected to AI, as well as help improve the country's economic well-being by training a diversified rural and urban American workforce in AI technologies.

With the new AI Institutes, the NSF has expanded its AI research network to almost every U.S. state, representing an overall investment of nearly $500 million, according to a news announcement. The initiative is supported by co-funding from divisions within the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Homeland Security, Agriculture, Education, Defense, and the IBM Corporation.

The university-housed institutes are:

"The National AI Research Institutes are a critical component of our Nation's AI innovation, infrastructure, technology, education, and partnerships ecosystem," said NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan. "These institutes are driving discoveries that will ensure our country is at the forefront of the global AI revolution."

"These strategic federal investments will advance American AI infrastructure and innovation, so that AI can help tackle some of the biggest challenges we face, from climate change to health. Importantly, the growing network of National AI Research Institutes will promote responsible innovation that safeguards people's safety and rights," commented White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director Arati Prabhakar.

Go here to see an interactive map of Institute locations.

Visit the NSF's National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes page to learn more.

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