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Campus Technology: Higher Education Technology Newsletters

Keep up with the latest in higher-education-technology, with these newsletters from the CT editorial team.

College to Workforce: Preparing Students for Career Success with Next-Gen Skills in STEM, AI and More

College to Workforce

The mission of higher education is evolving: Institutions must ensure that students not only succeed in college, but also gain the in-demand skills they need to flourish in their careers. Published monthly, College to Workforce offers the latest news, research and thought leadership on workforce readiness and the key technologies transforming today’s students into future leaders.


C-Level View: Strategic Discussions on Technology

C-Level View newsletter

C-Level View opens a strategy-oriented forum for discussions on technology topics of vital importance to today's top-level campus executives. It offers information sharing, interviews, opinion, news, and career moves for all who are charged with the progressive use of technology across all areas of the campus. Published monthly.


IMMERSE: AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator

IMMERSE newsletter

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, wearables and mobile devices are changing the way we communicate and the way students learn. IMMERSE covers this fast-paced realm, helping IT professionals and educators alike stay current on key trends, cutting-edge products and pioneering projects enabling immersive, engaging experiences for today's tech-savvy students. Published twice monthly.


Campus Technology Insider: Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology

Campus Technology Insider newsletter

Campus Technology Insider offers readers the best our magazine has to offer. Each issue contains select articles chosen by the editors for their appeal to readers and for their significance in advancing the mission of education technology in higher education. Campus Technology Insider is published monthly.


IT Trends: Tactics & Insights for Technology Leaders in Education

IT Trends newsletter

IT Trends is targeted toward higher education IT professionals, managers and C-level executives, and is packed with the latest information about networking, analytics, hardware, developer tools, data security, wireless, virtualization, cloud computing and more. IT Trends also offers up project profiles, case studies, interviews and articles focusing on best practices in information technology, IT strategy and IT management. Published twice monthly.


Campus Technology Learning Environments: Tech, Tools & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education

Campus Technology Learning Environments newsletter

From tech-infused classrooms to online courses and new, disruptive education models, higher education learning environments come in an infinite array of shapes and sizes. Campus Technology Learning Environments covers the intersection of technology and learning in today's colleges and universities and the tools, trends and pedagogies shaping student success. Each issue offers case studies, tips and best practices for instructional technologists, AV professionals, technology-using faculty and IT leaders focused on higher education's core mission of teaching and learning. Published weekly.


Campus Technology News Update: Breaking Stories in Higher Ed

Campus Technology News Update newsletter

Campus Technology's flagship newsletter covers the most timely issues related to all aspects of education technology, from stories about new technology tools and innovative technology programs in colleges and universities to policy updates, science and engineering news, technology trends, social issues, funding and grants and research related to education and technology. It's published three times per week.


Strategic Directions in Higher Ed

Strategic Directions in Higher Education newsletter

Strategic Directions in Higher Ed provides broad and high-level discussions of the critical issues facing today's higher education technology leadership. Targeted toward administrators and C-level technology executives, it offers news, trends and analysis on what's happening in the business of higher education and how new, transformative technologies will affect the economics of academic organizations.