The Heart of the Digital University

In a Q&A, authors Frank McCluskey and Melanie Winter discuss how the forces that have brought about the current crop of challenges in higher education are the same ones that can help solve them.

3 Ways to Improve Collaboration via the Cloud--for Less

Moving to the cloud can help schools boost collaboration among students, faculty, and staff--while still cutting costs. CT looks at 3 cloud-based tools that can make a difference.

Strategic Mobilization: A Model for the Future

Recognizing mobile technology's ubiquity and reach into students' lives, its rapid technical evolution, and its unique transformative potential for education, the Tennessee Board of Regents has included mobilization as an important part of its strategic plan. As Associate Vice Chancellor for Mobilization and Emerging Technology, Robbie Melton oversees mobilization strategies and initiatives for TBR. Here, Melton shares how she works to build and extend TBR's model for strategic mobilization.

Fighting Plagiarism With Technology

Fighting Plagiarism With Technology

Plagiarism is rife on campus, with students lifting material from a host of online sources. While technology has made cheating much easier, can it also provide a solution?

Transforming Campus Learning Spaces

Penn State Harrisburg updated its campus with a cornucopia of collaborative classrooms and study spaces, featuring modern furniture and the latest audiovisual and interactive technologies. See how.

Immersive Health Education From a Distance

Immersive Health Education From a Distance

Telepresence and simulation technologies offer remote learners the real thing in training for patient care.

Keeping the Trains Running With Application Performance Monitoring

To keep up with the growing dependence on always-on applications, Harrison College upgraded its application performance monitoring and found increased user satisfaction in the process.

Marrying Into MOOCs

In a Q&A, the CIO of the University of Maryland discusses his school's involvement with Coursera, its institutional goals, and what it takes to create a MOOC.

Stony Brook University

Devices to Spur Interaction

Can interactive devices go beyond simply jazzing up lectures and actually transform what happens in the classroom?

Building Classroom Communities with Google+

A Georgetown professor uses Google+ to transform a classroom full of students into a community of learners. See how.