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The Library Has Left the Building

The Library Has Left the Building, But...

Even though digital resources are now front and center in higher ed, libraries must still work hard to integrate them into their schools' LMSes.

Print Your Own 3D Learning Objects

Print Your Own 3D Learning Objects

As 3D printing grows in sophistication, the technology is moving from cool trick to learning tool.

Can MOOCs Replace Traditional Textbooks?

MOOC content can be a valuable addition to course materials, but more experimentation is needed.

3 Keys to Fostering Community Online

3 Keys to Fostering Community Online

A sense of isolation is a leading cause of dropout among online students. CT looks at proven strategies for building an inclusive, collegial atmosphere in online classes.

Lane CC's Award-Winning Faculty Development Program for OER Adoption

The high cost of traditional textbooks has been recognized as a likely roadblock to student success and is one of the reasons institutions are looking at the adoption of open education resources. But converting a course for OER can be a challenge for instructors. Lane Community College's OER Faculty Fellowship program offers both incentives and support for faculty adoption of OER. The college's ongoing OER adoption work of five years earned it a WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) award this fall.

Music Education Goes High Tech

Benedictine University's Luis Loubriel shares what the school is doing to make music education more interactive and better prepare students for their future careers.

Is Tech Changing the Way Students Write

Is Tech Changing the Way Students Write?

Colleges are struggling to reconcile the need for students to produce cogent academic writing with the tech-fueled style of composition they use in their everyday lives.

IT Pay Can Higher Ed Compete

IT Pay: Can Higher Ed Compete?

Few colleges can match the private sector when it comes to IT salaries, but higher education has some advantages that can help level the playing field.

Davenport U Takes a Collaborative Approach to IT Support

At Davenport University, central IT is using social learning tools to tap the tech expertise of its own students, faculty and staff, cutting back on help desk requests and helping to create a culture of mutual support.

6 Innovative Uses of Lecture Capture

6 Innovative Uses of Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is no longer merely a safety net for students who can't make it to class. Here are 6 ways faculty are using it to make their courses more engaging, flexible, and imaginative.