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Mi5 Networks :: Webgate Version 4.0Mi5 Networks :: Webgate Version 4.0

The Webgate line of secure web gateway appliances provides filtering of malicious URLs, spyware, viruses, and inbound/outbound botnet communications, allowing an institution to defend its web perimeter on a single platform. Version 4.0 adds control for more than 100 applications and protocols, including instant messaging, peer-to-peer, voice over IP, streaming media, and other apps. Additionally, Webgate 4.0 can trace the geographic location of botnet traffic entering and leaving the network; provides centralized management, policy enforcement, and reporting across multiple devices; and enables flexible deployment options. Pricing starts at $3,495.

ESET :: SysInspectorESET :: SysInspector

The SysInspector utility from proactive threatdetection solution provider ESET examines various operating system elements, including running processes, registry content, startup items, and network connections, to identify malware and other malicious content. The free diagnostic tool generates a detailed, real-time snapshot of a computer system-- down to processes and device drivers-- allowing security personnel, network administrators, malware researchers, and support engineers to quickly and effectively diagnose computer- and network-related problems caused by malware. Free download available here.

Oracle :: Oracle Role Manager

An offering within Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Role Manager helps define and manage organizational relationships, roles, and associated privileges for improved security and regulatory compliance. Features include: an enterprise role governance framework consisting of business roles, IT roles and privileges, and associated ownership and delegation models for identity lifecycle management; simplified navigation and a flexible data model; multi-dimensional hierarchies, enabling business process automation that reflects real-world organizational structures; and application-centric identity management, providing rich role and approver information to heterogeneous applications. Contact vendor for pricing. www.

Enterasys Networks :: Distributed Intrusion Prevention SystemEnterasys Networks :: Distributed Intrusion Prevention System

The Enterasys Distributed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) automatically senses and responds to threats in real time, across multivendor wired and wireless networks. Rather than restricting IPS visibility and control to a subset of network connections, the solution extends proactive protections to every LAN edge access port and all WLAN 802.11 frequencies to detect threats, mitigate or stop any attack, and contain and/or remove the source of the threat from the network. Pricing starts at $35,995.

NitroSecurity :: All-in-One NitroView Enterprise Security Manager

The All-in-One model in the NitroView Enterprise Security Manager product family incorporates the functionalities of security information and event management; log management; and network behavior and anomaly detection-- in a single, 5,000-event-persecond, 1U appliance. The solution provides unified security management with no need for additional hardware/software probes or agents to provide data collection and normalization. Price: $39,995.

TippingPoint Technologies ::
TippingPoint Core ControllerTippingPoint Technologies :: TippingPoint Core Controller

The TippingPoint Core Controller is an in-line, networkbased appliance that enables 10 gigabits per second of bi-directional traffic inspection by TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems, to protect network resources, operating systems, and critical applications from malicious threats. The Core Controller is deployed as a “bump-in-the-wire” network element for up to three 10Gbps network links. Traffic entering the device is intelligently flow-balanced to a bank of TippingPoint IPS’s, where traffic inspection and enforcement are performed. Malicious and unwanted traffic is blocked, and clean traffic is returned to the Core Controller for distribution to the appropriate 10Gbps egress link. List price: $59,995.

Bradford Networks :: NAC Director
Guest/Contractor ServicesBradford Networks :: Campus Manager

The Campus Manager appliance family delivers advanced network access control solutions for wireless, wired, and VPN networks. Campus Manager's out-of-band architecture leverages existing network infrastructure to provide automated identity management, endpoint compliance and usage policy enforcement services. Campus Manager enforces user identity and device compliance policies at the edge of the network before providing initial and ongoing network access, making networks more secure and efficient. Contact vendor for pricing.

Mirapoint :: RazorGate 6000Mirapoint :: RazorGate 6000

To address constantly evolving security threats, the RazorGate 6000 e-mail security appliance offers increased security with multiple scanning engines for virus and spam defense. The device features support for Sender Policy Framework and Junk Mail Manager, as well as RBL support for additional layers of protection. Mirapoint’s RazorGate MailHurdle connection management technology blocks up to 80 percent of threats at the network edge before network bandwidth, storage, processor, and administration resources are wasted. Pricing starts at $8,300.

Reconnex :: Data Loss ProfilerReconnex :: Data Loss Profiler

The Data Loss Profiler from Reconnex is a turnkey, rack-mounted hardware appliance that automatically and constantly indexes and classifies all content leaving the network. Users do not need to know in advance which information is sensitive; the Data Loss Profiler automatically learns data loss patterns directly from network interactions. Query and search capabilities provide insight into the completeness and accuracy of an organization’s current rules and policies in preventing data loss, so that security personnel can make the appropriate adjustments to protect the network. Price for the appliance and all learning applications: $19,995 (seven-day free trial available).

Fortinet :: FortiGate-310B

The FortiGate-310B multithreat security appliance features purpose-built FortiASIC network processors previously reserved for Fortinet’s high-end lines. That means increased firewall and virtual private network throughput performance to gigabit-persecond speeds. The increased throughput enables internal network security segmentation and allows for greater flexibility in network management, giving network managers increased policy granularity and the ability to isolate and contain security events for faster resolution. The appliance includes 10 gigabit Ethernet ports, with an additional four gigabit ports available through an optional Advanced Mezzanine Card module. Contact vendor for pricing.

Blue Lane Technologies :: VirtualShield 4.2

VirtualShield 4.2 is a virtualization security solution that includes inter-VM flow analytics and enforcement; application-aware partitioning; and a robust set of application, protocol, and vulnerability security policy controls. These capabilities allow Blue Lane’s Layer 7 architecture to apply granular application/protocol/port-based policy enforcement on the flows between virtual machines, resulting in a broad spectrum of protection for virtualized data centers, including inter-VM protection for VMs residing on the same host. Contact vendor for pricing.

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