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InfoComm Floor Shopper

Campus Technology Preshow Exclusive: InfoComm 2009

Projectors, displays, lecterns, oh my! You’ll find the best and brightest in A/V at this month’s expo in Orlando, FL.Here are 16 must-see booths.

XD280U & XD250U DLP by Mitsubishi Digital Electronics AmericaLong Lamp Life

The XD280U and XD250U DLP projectors from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America boast 6,000-hour lamp life (in low mode) and 3,000 and 2,700 lumens, respectively, of brightness. Thanks to a built-in RJ-45 port, the status of multiple projectors on a LAN can be checked with Mitsubishi’s ProjectorView Global+ software(available separately), which also enables remote operation of the on/off power switch, image input switch,and other functions. A Visual PA feature allows an administrator to remotely create and simultaneously distribute a message in real time to projectors connected to the LAN.The projectors’ top-loading lamp design provides easy lamp replacement, whether the machine is mounted on the ceiling or sitting on a desktop. Booth 4741

Intelligent Laptop Computer Carts by BretfordIntelligent Laptop Computer Carts

Bretford’s new line of Intelligent Laptop Computer Carts features a 20-unit model with horizontal storage(pictured), and a 30-unit model with vertical storage. Each cart incorporates a power management system that charges laptops simultaneously, turns on color-coded LED lights to remind users what the cart is doing, and can turbo-charge a specific bank of computers for quick use.The carts include auxiliary outlets for other technology products (such as a document camera or projector) and a lockable “cable closet” that arranges all the cords into special compartments for safety and organization. Booth 5281

Universal Short-Throw Projector Mounts by Peerless IndustriesUniversal Short-Throw Projector Mounts

Editor's Top PickResponding to industry estimates that the worldwide market for short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors will grow to 844,000 units by 2012 (source: Pacific Media Associates), Peerless Industries has introduced a new line of Universal Short-Throw Projector Mounts. The mounts cover all short-throw and ultra-short-throw projector ranges, from nearly flush to the wall to more than 4.5 feet from the wall,with enriched post-installation adjustment capabilities. An expanded wall plate offers up to 6 inches of lateral adjustment while mounted on surfaces such as wood stud,concrete, and cinder block; the throw adjustability is adaptable to accommodate virtually any projector range.The line’s patent-pending precision gear design provides precise tilt and roll image alignment with a simple turn of its knobs. The mounts support projectors up to 50 pounds, depending on model. Booth 5441

PS660 by LumensHD Desktop Visual Presenter

The Lumens PS660 is an SXGA desktop visual presenter with one-touch integrated audio and video recording,allowing users to record and play audio and video without connecting to a computer (the content is automatically stored on the external SDHC card). Its five-step book pan mode allows instructors to put down a book and zoom to four quadrants with the push of a button, eliminating the need to reposition materials frequently during lectures.Other features include HDMI digital output to HD 1080p output resolution, a capture area of up to 15 x 11 inches, 15x optical zoom, a built-in VGA switcher for easy toggling between multiple input sources, and SDHC card support. Exhibiting with Hitachi at booth 3833

Freedom Lectern by Spectrum FurnitureFlexible Furniture

The ADA-compliant Freedom Lectern (pictured) from Spectrum Industries can accommodate a variety of needs, with enough legroom to give instructors the option of sitting or standing up. With the push of a button, a whisper-quiet electrical lift adjusts the height of the entire work surface. The lectern’s 660 lb-rated casters allow maximum mobility. Technological capabilities and convenience are provided with standard cord reel, auxiliary power strip, and grommet pass-throughs.Options include a CPU sling, folding shelf, and pull-out work surface that can be used as a keyboard tray.

Designed as a complement to the Freedom Lectern or as a standalone presentation cart, the Freedom Link provides 12 RU for rack-mounted equipment. Thanks to its small footprint and locking swivel casters, the Freedom Link can be easily reached when needed or moved aside when idle. Ventilated side panels allow for sufficient airflow to cool rack-mounted equipment. Booth 3133

PowerLite Pro Z8000WU & Z8000WUNL by EpsonHigh-Definition Brightness and Power

Epson’s new PowerLite Pro Z8000WU (lens version) and PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL (no lens version) 3LCD projectors are designed for high-brightness presentations in large venues. Key features include 6,000 lumens of brightness, 1,920 x1,200 (WUXGA)resolution, inorganic panels, a 10,000-hour filter cleaning cycle, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, network capabilities, 30-degree tilt operation,easy integration with complex equipment devices, closed captioning, dual lamps, HDMI and DVI ports, powered zoom,and focus and lens shift. Booth 4127

MultiSync LCD4615 by NEC Display SolutionsCommercial-Grade Digital Signage

The MultiSync LCD4615 from NEC Display Solutions is adaptable full high-definition 1080p 46-inch display with 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 450 cd/m2 brightness. It includes DVI with HDCP, advanced multilevel thermal control with high temperature protection, and up to 4 x 4 TileMatrix capabilities.Touch- and protective-panel-ready, the LCD4615 is a high-performance public display-grade panel suitable for extended use in demanding environments.A “round-the-clock” scheduler enables seven-day scheduling of content and powering of the display. Booth 5001

Turnkey Classroom A/V System

Launching at InfoComm, Classpac is a complete plug-and-play classroom multimedia system offered by Aurora Multimedia and OWI, with Draper, Premier Mounts, WolfVision,and Dimonoff as product partners. Sold as a total A/V system,Classpac eliminates the task of contacting multiple companies in search of products that may or may not be compatible with one another. Additionally, because theClasspac components are programmed to work together, an installer can save as much as 30 minutes of installation time per classroom. The Classpac system includes components from Aurora Multimedia, OWI, and Premier Mounts, plus a projector; custom Classpacs utilizing partner products are available to meet different sourcing and product requirements.Aurora Multimedia: booth 4433; OWI: booth 5918; Draper:booth 5048; Premier Mounts: booth 4528; WolfVision: booth 4912; Dimonoff: exhibiting with Aurora Multimedia in booth 4433

D832MX by VivitekPerformance on a Budget

Editor's Top PickIn the company’s first appearance at InfoComm, Vivitek is showcasing the new D832MX DLP projector,a low-cost unit (MSRP:$999) providing XGA (1,024 x768) resolution,a 2,200:1 contrast ratio, and 3,200 lumens of brightness. A USB service port and RS232 connection enable maximum flexibility. TheD832MX is filter- and dust-free, enabling cool and efficient operation and eliminating the need to replace filters. The projector also boasts vertical keystone correction and an IR remote with laser pointer and mouse capabilities. Booth 3315

Increased Backlight Luminance

The ALM Outlook S Series from Akira is a line of commercial-grade outdoor LCD displays for digital signage applications. For increased brightness and legibility, the displays work with sunlight passing through the LCD cells to increase the backlight luminance (the brighter the ambient light,the brighter the luminance of the LCD). The Outlook series features an anti-reflection treatment that reduces the surface reflection to as low as 2 percent, and a UV coating protects the panel from continuous sunlight exposure.

Also at the Akira booth, the ALM Interactive Touch Display/eWhite Board transforms displays into interactive touchscreens, featuring accurate IR image sensors, a response time of less than 50 msec, a minimum sensing depth of less than 5 mm, and multi-point functionality. Booth 2907

TouchStream by Digital RapidsPortable Streaming Appliance

TouchStream from Digital Rapids provides live video and audio streaming in a portable, self-contained appliance form factor. Software controls are accessed via a streamlined touchscreen interface with integrated live video monitoring and VU meters for audio validation, eliminating the need for laptops, keyboards,mice, and separate monitors. Application-targeted models allow the user to choose the right configuration for various format needs (such as Flash, Silverlight, or mobile phone formats). Other features:video preprocessing capabilities, video noise reduction,audio controls, picture controls, and graphic overlay. Booth 2774

G5 Rack Power Filter by APCA/V Power Protection

APC's G5 Rack Power Filter protects A/V equipment from surges, spikes, and blackouts, in a single rack unit form factor. The device has eight surge-protected outlets on the back of the unit (six for digital devices; two for high-current devices) and a convenience outlet on the front for installers. Other features include an LCD display, delayed turn on/off, and the ability for rack or shelf installation. The unit has a let-through voltage rating of less than 40V, and if it encounters a period of extreme over or under voltage,it will automatically shut off to avoid damaging connected electronics. Booth 3079

CP-X2010N by HitachiProjector With Automatic Device Discovery

Weighing 8.8 pounds, Hitachi’s CP-X2010N 3LCD projector offers a brightness of 2,200 lumens, 3,000 hours lamp life (6,000 in eco mode), 500:1 contrast ratio, 16-watt built-in audio, a noise rating of 29 dBa (in whisper mode), and a new 5,000-hour hybrid filter. It can be controlled and maintained via a LAN network connection, and is the first Hitachi model to include AMX Device Discovery: When integrating a serial or IP device that supports Device Discovery, all AMX NetLinx IntegratedCentral Controllers will recognize the device and systematically load the appropriate communications module or driver, initializing the new device for use. Device Discovery also allows for device swapping, so programming changes are not required when devices are removed or replaced. Booth 3833

NOTE: Booth numbers were confirmed at press time but may be subject to change.

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