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Princeton U Adopts Mobile Marketing Campaign Tool

Princeton University has partnered with a mobile media company to launch a series of user-generated marketing campaigns intended to reach current and prospective students as well as alumni.

The university will use Vivoom to encourage Princeton constituents to create and distribute videos on social media and other digital channels. Vivoom will automatically include Princeton-branded filters and custom calls to action in each video shared, in an effort to increase engagement.

Princeton will launch its first Vivoom marketing campaign at its upcoming reunions weekend, which will be held May 26-29. Nearly 25,000 alumni, family and friends will attend the event "for community service projects, alumni-faculty forums, dinners and more," according to a news release from the university. Princeton's Office of Communications also plans to use the platform for other campaigns throughout the year, such as sporting events, alumni engagement campaigns and other university events.

"Our prospective applicants, current students and alumni already engage with each other across a range of different social media platforms," said Daniel Day, assistant vice president for communications at Princeton, in a prepared statement. "With Vivoom, we can reach our community members via email, Facebook and Twitter. Video creators are then free to share their videos however they like, again via Facebook, Twitter and SMS. We're confident this flexibility will maximize both participation in content creation and viewership."

Princeton will retain the rights to videos created with Vivoom and will have the right to republish them on its website, social media channels or at events. Vivoom will also allow the university to flag and remove any videos it deems to be inappropriate or off-brand, regardless of where they are shared.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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