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Generative AI

Free AI Teaching Assistant and AI Tutor Powered by ChatGPT

Nonprofit Contact North/Contact Nord in Ontario, Canada, has released two free AI-powered tools for instructors and students: AI Teaching Assistant Pro and AI Tutor Pro.

Both of these tools are powered by AI and work on smartphones, laptops, and desktops. They do not require a login or track users, the company said.

AI Teaching Assistant Pro:

  • Creates multiple choice quizzes and essay questions with scoring capability at any level in any subject;
  • Creates a syllabus with course description, learning outcomes, and weekly topics; and
  • Makes lessons interactive as well as allows teachers more time to help students with critical thinking and conduct discussions.

For instance, the quiz creation feature asks instructors to input the subject, being as specific as possible (i.e., "Newton's law of gravity" rather than just "physics"), how many questions in the quiz, and how many answer options there are for each question. The AI then creates the quiz questions, shows the answer options for each, and shows the correct answer. The program urges users to double check the questions' accuracy.

Instructors can save the quiz, syllabus, or lesson by clicking on the "copy" icon and pasting into their own word processing program.

Watch a video presentation and try the program for free on this page.
For students, AI Tutor Pro, powered by ChatGPT:

  • Holds open-ended conversations with students, who can participate by expressing their thoughts and learning about any topic at an academic level;
  • Lets students learn at their own pace and individualize their learning experience;
  • Includes a review feature to help students remember what they have learned; and
  • Lets students copy and paste lecture transcripts, notes, and articles into the tutor and discuss the material with it.

Students can watch a video presentation here and try the program for free.

Established by the Ontario government in 1986, Contact North/Contact Nord provides free support services to underserved Ontario residents and students.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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