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EAB Partners with BridgeU to Help International Students Connect with U.S. Colleges

Education research and technology firm EAB has partnered with international college and career guidance company BridgeU to help students around the world connect with colleges and universities in the United States, easing the time and financial constraints of both.

The partnership can help to meet the high demand from international students to enroll in U.S. colleges and universities, and the desire of such institutions to attract qualified students, EAB said.

EAB's extensive U.S. college partnership database, paired with BridgeU's college and career guidance platform, can help its network of 112,000 students and 9,600 counselors in over 140 countries navigate the complexities of the guidance and application process, matching students with the best institutions and programs for them.

BridgeU said its all-in-one platform offers a number of career guidance services:

  • Student profile building, based on academic grades, subject preferences, and personal preferences such as preferred location, class size, and peer preferences in their regions;
  • Parameters for student preferences, such as course criteria, career paths, job titles, skills requirements, and salaries;
  • Personalized comparison reports of students' best-fit careers;
  • Four personality assessments and overview to help students consider the best careers for themselves;
  • A personal shortlist of institutions that best fit their academic and personal profiles;
  • Degree program exploration, including college fees and campus surroundings;
  • An application dashboard that keeps track of deadlines and application status;
  • Tasks and tracking for counselors and students to help stay on track;
  • Document feature to collate, manage, and send them out all from one place; and
  • A strategy adviser to help students maximize their strengths on applications.

"We often hear from our counselors and students that U.S. colleges and universities are among the most sought-after destinations for international students looking to study abroad," said BridgeU CEO Lucy Stonehill. "By partnering with EAB, BridgeU will be able to work closely with many more U.S. colleges to build meaningful, strategic relationships that ensure students have the tools, guidance, and information needed to make the right decisions about their future."

"U.S. colleges are highly motivated to connect with students abroad to grow their enrollments and bring different worldviews to their campuses, but recruiting international students can be difficult and expensive," said Chris Marett, EAB president of marketing and enrollment solutions. "Colleges can now work with EAB to connect with the BridgeU global community, giving them a more effective way to reach international students as part of a comprehensive enrollment strategy.

BridgeU works with both schools and universities. Visit its school solutions page to learn more about its high school platform and its university services page.

Visit EAB's solutions page to learn more about what it offers at various institution levels.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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