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CompTIA Announces New AI Essentials and Expansion Series

Information technology training organization CompTIA has unveiled details about its new learning and certification programs, the Essentials and Expansion series to develop and maintain AI skills.

The new series focuses on AI skills competencies in four AI tech career areas and roles: software development, cybersecurity, systems operations (SysOps), and data analytics; and two job roles: prompt engineering and AI systems architecture, the organization said in a release.

The Essentials Series, due to roll out in July 2024, is applicable to any occupation, "in both tech-specific positions and adjacent occupations that rely on technology," CompTIA said. It will cover:

  • The landscape of AI;
  • AI tools available and how best to use them;
  • AI challenges and how to meet them;
  • Benefits of AI to creativity and work enhancement; and
  • Future implications of AI.

The Expansion Series moves beyond the basics and will focus on advanced skills and technology developments in specific job roles for those with a CompTIA Plus (+) or Pro certification in the following areas:

  • Security engineers (Sec AI+);
  • Penetration testers (PenTest AI+);
  • Security analysts (CySA AI+);
  • Data analysts (Data AI+);
  • Systems operations (AI SysOp+);
  • Tech support, network operations (AI Scripting+);
  • AI systems architects (AI Architect+); and
  • Prompt engineers (AI Prompt+).

CompTIA said future expansion releases "will focus on skillsets for fully leveraging AI in systems operations, tech support, AI systems architecture, and prompt engineering."

These forthcoming releases will start with cyber engineering (Security+); analytics (CySA+); and pen testing (PenTest+), the organization said.

For more information on these new programs, see the company's press release page.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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