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Campus Technology June 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — June 2014

IT Matters!

5 ways to link information technology to the core goals of the university — and communicate IT's value to institutional leadership.

6 Ways to Boost Cybersecurity on Campus
The best way to tackle users' bad security behavior is with a cybersecurity awareness program.
Powering Student Success With Systemwide Data
The University System of Georgia is putting LMS data to work with predictive analytics.
4 Emerging Principles of Connected Learning
UC Irvine's Mimi Ito on building stronger connections between formal and self-directed learning.
More Than an iPad Handout
Southern Illinois U's Mobile Dawg program combines a tablet rollout with apps, digital content and services designed to directly impact student success.
Enhancing a MOOC With Adaptive Learning
A homegrown adaptive tool is giving MOOC students coursework tuned to individual skill levels.
3 Ways to Get Faculty Up to Speed With Technology
Centers for teaching and learning share how they help faculty retool for tech-enabled learning.
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June 2014 | vol. 27 no. 10