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Higher Education Webcasts from Our Sponsors.

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How Pittsburg State University Achieves Data Center Fault Tolerance

Learn how Pittsburg State University implemented a three-site VMware cluster using software-defined storage to enhance its survivability and resiliency in the event of a tornado.

A Modern Blueprint for Achieving Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery

Join Enquizit and Florida State University for an insightful webinar that will demonstrate how inhibitors to cloud adoption can be overcome to achieve what’s being regarded as an industry game-changer to establishing innovative, cost-effective, and reliable disaster recovery capabilities.

IT Fallout from the Emergency Move to Online Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and institutions were faced with the sudden need to close campuses and move courses online, let’s face it: A lot of shortcuts were taken, bypassing traditional IT policies. Students, faculty and staff were using their personal devices to access university systems. They were signing up for new learning tools right and left. They were accessing the internet over open (and vulnerable) public WiFi. In this session, Brian Fodrey, CIO for Stevenson University, will discuss what institutions can do to rein in these IT security risks and better protect systems and data.

Online Learning Phase 2: Fine-Tuning Student Engagement for Equity

Students will need more than video lectures if they are going to survive — and thrive — in a digital learning environment. Now that many courses have made the jump from in-person to online, it’s time to make sure students of all demographics are actually being engaged and quality standards are being met. In this session, Dr. Jessica Rowland Williams, director of Every Learner Everywhere and former project director for the University Innovation Alliance’s Completion Grant Initiative, will share strategies for measuring student engagement and boosting outcomes with a focus on equity.

What Will the Fall Semester Look Like?

Higher education institutions across the country are facing a lot of uncertainty as they make plans for fall. While some are reopening campuses with new accommodations for physical distancing, others are keeping most of their courses online or modifying schedules to enable a hybrid approach. In this session, Dr. Elliot Stern, president of Saddleback College, will share how his institution is making these strategic decisions and what kinds of policies and infrastructure they are putting in place to move forward.

Campus Technology Distance Learning Summit — Higher Education's New Normal

In recent months, colleges and universities across the country have been in emergency response mode: closing campuses, moving courses online, slapping together infrastructure to enable teaching, learning and operations to continue virtually. Now that the initial fires have been put out, institutions are faced with strategic planning for a fall semester in uncharted territory. Short term fixes need to transition to long-term solutions. In three hour-long editorial sessions, education and IT leaders will discuss the most critical considerations for managing higher ed’s “new normal” and engage attendees with a live Q&A.

Steps on the Cloud Migration Journey

A team of cloud architects and IT experts breaks down the process of migrating to the Cloud, provides recommendations for planning and implementation, and answers your questions.

Innovations in Remote Learning

It is challenging to move courses online. However, there are proven next-generation best practices. Modern approaches using the latest technologies are being employed even in STEM courses which may be among the most challenging to move online, due to their reliance on hands-on labs and equipment. In this session, the founders of Virtually Inspired, an online showcase of innovations in online learning, will share some of the ground-breaking ways educators around the world are enhancing teaching with technology and solving challenges of online delivery.