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Higher Education Webcasts from Our Sponsors.

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Security and Privacy Forecast: What’s on the Horizon for Higher Ed?

In this session, Brian Kelly, director of the Cybersecurity Program at EDUCAUSE, will share insights from the 2021 Horizon Report Information Security Edition, discuss emerging threats and trends that every institution should be aware of, and consider implications for the future.

Campus Technology Leadership Summit: IT Security in the New Normal

Whether institutions are tightening security protocols that were loosened during their initial pandemic response or facing new challenges of remote operations, every college and university must redouble its focus on IT security in these unprecedented times. In this one-day event, education and IT leaders will share their insights, best practices and predictions for security and privacy in the post-pandemic era.

Can You Be Trusted? How Students Perceive College Use of Personal Data

In this session, co-author Iris Palmer discusses highlights from the report and offers recommendations for campus leaders, to guide their thinking about the collection and use of personal data while still maintaining student trust.

The Economy of Ransomware: Understanding and Defending Against the Evolving Threat

In this session, Stephen Heath, chief information security officer for IT security consultancy Intrinium, will discuss the evolution of ransomware, quantifying risk and determining the best incident response strategy for your institution.

Face Time: What to Understand About Video Usage and Privacy in Online Classes

In this session, you'll hear from FPF Policy Counsel Juliana Cotto about the privacy and equity concerns posed by video mandates, as well as viable, practical alternatives worth exploring.

How Tech Can Help Engage Students and Alumni at a Time When the Need to Connect Is Stronger than Ever

In this webcast, leading P2P text messaging platform Hustle will offer ideas and expertise based on its work with hundreds of organizations to send over 1 billion text messages. And Lafayette College will share its experiences tapping into the power of P2P text messaging at the institution.

Achieving the Hybrid Cloud: A Modernization Plan for Higher Education Institutions

Digital Transformation in a post-COVID19 world has created a new set of challenges that Higher Education institutions are facing. As more colleges and universities are looking to extend and support services around remote learning which requires a rigid data modernization strategy, the IT team is mainly focused on three key areas: optimizations cost, securing data, and enabling a faster transition to the cloud. In this short webcast, Matt Lawson will cover these focus areas and discuss what you should do and what to avoid when taking on this journey.

Campus Technology Leadership Summit: Innovating Out of the Pandemic

Higher education’s response to the pandemic has required agility, flexibility and perhaps most important, innovation. In this one-day event, education and IT leaders will share how they are managing the challenges of remote work and learning, adapting to change and solving problems with outside-the-box ideas and practices.