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The Web Enabled Classroom

What can the wired classroom do? Select product briefs may give educators some ideas.

FlexCam iCam

The VideoLabs FlexCam iCam is a microscope-adaptable video presentation camera that can be used for image capture, desktop, and document viewing. Compatible with most monitors, TVs, VCRs, video capture cards, and LCD and DLP projectors, the iCam includes a 1/3-inch CMOS Image Sensor and provides color reproduction, image stability, and a clear picture. An Integrated Focus Knob is designed specifically for use with VideoLabs' microscope adapter kit, while a 20"/50.8cm Flexible Gooseneck and swivel head camera module offer flexibility and easy connection to most microscopes. The iCam comes equipped with an SCART Adaptor and a 12-foot S-Video Cable and S-Video to RCA Adapter.

Pointmaker PVI-46

The Pointmaker PVI-46 notebook marker from B'eckeler Instruments allows users to direct and draw pointers over any live computer image. Connected between a computer and monitor, this visual aid allows presenters to annotate areas of interest on images displayed on the monitor or on a large screen through the use of an LCD projector. Markers include freehand drawing and 12 different pointer types, while adjustable line widths are available with or without a drop shadow. An optional keyboard provides additional markers, more marking features, and the ability to type text onto images. The tablet model enables users to print and save displayed images with Pointmaker annotations and program up to eight icons with the same capabilities as a PC keyboard.

HV-7000SX Visual Presenter

The HV-7000SX is the latest visual presenter offered by Elmo Manufacturing Corporation. Featuring true SCGA resolution of 1.5 million pixels with a 1/2-inch Progressive Scan CCD, the HV-7000SX is designed for use in conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. This product also includes both wireless remote control and remote mouse capabilities.

mimio flipChart

Virtual Ink's mimio flipChart works with any easel pad to capture notes onto a PC in color and real time. Users can also save, print, edit, or distribute their flip chart notes, as well as drop and drag notes into any Windows application. System requirements include an IBM-compatible PC, 100Mhz Pentium, and a minimum of 10 MB free hard drive space. This product is also available for whiteboards. Each mimio flipChart comes equipped with a capture bar, two mimio styli with four smartCaps, a 16-foot USB cable, a 16-foot serial cable, four standard flipchart markers, slide-on mounting plate, mimio 2.0 installation CD-ROM, and a stylus holder.

TeamBoard Electronic Whiteboard

Featuring an interactive touch screen, the TeamBoard Electronic Whiteboard captures notes and drawings electronically to a PC. Users have a selection of six standard dry erase markers, and can either secure work in .tbd file format, or export files to other formats recognized by existing software. This product also enables users to distribute via the Internet data that can be viewed and/or modified by others once they have downloaded the TeamBoard Draw application, available on the TeamBoard Web site. TeamBoard is available in two mobile versions, a wall mount design, a track mount design, and in two cabinet packages. Each TeamBoard offering includes the TeamBoard Driver Software, TeamBoard Draw, a virtual keyboard and mouse, the TeamBoard Recorder, Internet Explorer, and NetMeeting.

Surf Mouse

The Wireless Computing RF-10 Wireless SurfMouse, designed for computer-based slide shows, features a touchpad, two mouse buttons, and RF Technology which enables users to operate the mouse effectively from distances of up to 50 feet. There is no need for precise aim, as the SurfMouse d'es not require line-of-sight function. No software installation is required for PCs, and a Macintosh ADB adapter is available at an additional cost.

Personal Titlemaker

Featuring high-resolution titles in over one million colors and see-through video effects, the Videonics Personal Titlemaker has a full-sized, full-function keyboard that allows users access to 24 varieties of presentation effects, including cuts, fades, and wipes, and special characters for 36 different languages. Also featured are 28 font and size combinations that can be enhanced with drop shadows, several grades of bold letters, and outlines, among many other capabilities. The Personal Titlemaker includes a GPI trigger input that allows for remote activation from an external controller, and is compatible with all video sources and tape formats.

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