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Document Imaging and Digital Imaging Hardware

Avision AVA3 Scanner

The AVA3 scanner from Avision is a color-capable single-pass flatbed scanner that can scan documents up to 11 x 17 inches. Optical resolution is 300-600 dpi. This portable scanner is very compact, with dimensions of 25 x 14 x 4 inches and weighing about 7 pounds. Contact: Avision Labs, Newark, CA; (510) 739-2369;

Bell & Howell Copiscan Scanners

The 8000 Plus Series of Copiscan scanners from Bell & Howell offer ultrasonic multifeed detection for mixed paper sizes and lengths, on-demand multiple color dropout, Adaptive Contrast Enhancement image processing, and a new operator interface for one-touch scanning. Scanners with video interfaces feature Kofax's Virtual ReScan Image Enhancement technology, which checks image quality, rejects unsuitable material, and automatically recovers from paper jams and other such problems. Contact: Bell & Howell, Lincolnwood, IL; (847) 675-7600;

CanoScan Scanners

The Canon N1240V scanner features 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution. The scanner is compact, at only 1-inch high, uses only one USB cable for both power and connection to a PC or Mac, and can scan, copy, or email in just one step. The unit can scan everything from a single photo to an image from a bulky book or magazine. Contact: Canon USA, Costa Mesa, CA; (800) OK-CANON;

Epson Perfection 1640SU Scanner

The Epson Perfection flatbed scanner features 1600 x 3200 dpi resolution, true 42-bit color depth, fully-automatic one-touch scanning, plug-and-play USB and SCSI connections, and a 30 page document feeder. The small, portable unit weighs only nine pounds and is only four inches high. Contact: Epson, Torrance, CA; (800) 879-7766;


FlexCam by Videolabs is an integrated color camera and microphone designed for desktop video presentations and collaborative work. The 18" gooseneck can be adjusted so that the camera can be used as either a document camera or a face camera for videoconferencing. The unit is compatible with most video capture cards, TVs, VCRs, and LCD projectors. Contact: Videolabs, Minneapolis, MN; (800) 467-7157;

Fujitsu fi4750C Scanner

This scanner from Fujitsu features high-speed duplex scanning in black and white or in color. It scans up to 90 images per minute duplex and up to 30 color images per minute. The scanner has built-in document size detection, long-page scanning, and resolutions up to 800 dpi. This flatbed unit is 22-lb. and 9 inches high. Contact: Fujitsu, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 764-0575;

Hewlett Packard ScanJet 7490c Scanner

This professional series multi-page flatbed scanner is available with up to 2400 dpi with true 48-bit color and a 4-second preview scan. The product's larger scanning surface lets users scan pages up to legal size. Also, an included adapter scans multiple 35 mm negatives, slides, and transparencies up to dimensions of 5 x 5 inches Also included are fast SCSI and USB connectivity for PCs and Macs. The automatic document feeder scans up to 15 ppm and has a 50-page capacity. Contact: Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA; (800) 613-2222;

MicroTek ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design

This professional-level scanner features CMYK and CIE LAB color support and includes Microtek's award-winning ScanWizard Pro 6, Genuine Fractals Print Pro, and LaserSoft's SilverFast Ai 5, plus two Kodak Q-60 calibration targets. The FireWire (IEEE 1394) connection and chip onboard provide fast speed to the product. Microtek's patented, dual-media design allows users to scan both reflective art and multi-format film with superior image quality. USB connection is also included in the product. Contact: Microtek, Redondo Beach, CA; (310) 297-5000;

Panasonic KV-S6050KW Scanner

This high-speed flatbed scanner offers up to 600 dpi and a 200-page document feeder. The unit features Panasonic Image Enhancement technology, Kofax certification, and Energy Star compliance. The scanner performs at speeds up to 66 pages per minute. Contact: Panasonic, (866) 888-2929;

Polaroid SprintScan 120 Film Scanner

The SprintScan 120 is a high-resolution, medium-format film scanner that produces 6 x 6 cm scanned images in under two minutes. This high-performance scanner delivers professional quality 6 x 9 m, 6 x 7 cm, 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 4.5 cm film formats, 35 mm slides and strips, both negatives and positives, without compromise. The SprintScan 120 features a dynamic range up to 3.9 (4.2 Dmax), and a true optical resolution of 4000 dpi. It is the first Polaroid scanner to include both SCSI and Firewire connection. Other features include outstanding shadow detail and sharpness of optical system (fine lines and image detail), and exceptional dark noise performance. The SprintScan 120 features three different film holders: a 120mm transparency holder, a 35mm slide holder, and a 35mm strip holder. The 120mm transparency holder can hold 6 x 4.5cm (4 images), 6 x 6 cm (4 images), 6 x 7 cm (3 images), and 6 x 9 cm (2 images). Contact: Polaroid, Cambridge, MA; (781) 386-2000;

Ricoh IS450SE Scanner

The Ricoh IS450SE scanner is Energy Star compliant. Features include support for documents as small as a check or as large as 11 x 17, convenient front ADF loading, flatbed scanning for books and fragile documents, TWAIN and ISIS drivers, and a small footprint. The scanner can be operated from either the unit itself or from a PC. The scanner scans up to 69 pages per minute at up to 800 dpi resolution. Contact: Ricoh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; (204) 633-9264;

Umax Astra 4400

The Umax Astra 4400 high-resolution scanner features 1200 x 2400 dpi hardware resolution (9600 x 9600 dpi max), a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter for 48-bit internal color, and a USB connection for plug-and-play connectivity. The Astra 4400 features four buttons that automate scanning tasks. Users can scan documents directly into Word or Excel and edit the scanned document. By pushing the copy button the scanner turns into a copier and sends the scanned image to the printer. The email/fax button sends images out via email or fax. The fourth button is undetermined, so that users can personalize it to fit their needs. The Astra 4400 comes with an All-In-One CD, which includes all the software and manuals for easy installation and storage. Contact: Umax, Fremont, CA; (888) 985-6739;

Xerox DocuImage 620S

This top-of-the-line professional flatbed scanner comes bundled with DigiPath Production Software, providing a complete make-ready solution. The 620S offers high quality resolution with 600 dpi at production speeds, and a choice of 200, 300, or 600 dpi. Intelligent Imaging Technology enables scanner fine-tuning for the best possible output from the printer. Moreover, tonal and sharpness controls detect text versus a halftone, enhance text, screen continuous tones, de-screen, and then re-screen halftone images. The product simplifies scanning of the most complex images such as handwritten signatures, colored markings, and intricate line drawings. Contact: Xerox, Stamford, CT; (800) ASK-XEROX;

Document Imaging Software


Alchemy is a document database manager that can organize over 200 file formats in a single searchable database, including scanned document images, computer reports, MS Office files, and PDF documents. Alchemy search is a powerful search engine used to retrieve documents based on index fields, folders, document contents, and OCR. Alchemy supports all ISIS compliant scanners. Contact: Digital Storage Solutions, Brentwood, NY; (800) 435-2952;

ArtCopy 6

ArtCopy 6 turns a twain scanner into a color copier, fax machine, and photo lab. The product allows users to scan documents to email or fax, resize images, correct color and resolution, and scan different file formats. File management tracks text and images, and Image editor corrects color and edits images. Contact: Jetsoft Development, Cincinnati, OH; (800) 374-7401;


DpuScan is a high-performance Document Capturing and Image Processing Software Package, which can be customized to almost any scanning requirements. DpuScan features an open "upload" interface, complete capture workflow compatibilities, and private labeling available. Users can define multiple scanning configurations, called Classes, for different scanner models, different document types, and diverse scanning/processing requirements. Classes can be saved to the DpuScan database to be available for later applications. Similarly, a number of subsequent commands can be saved as a specific Task List for a particular image capturing or image processing job. Once the class and the Task List are defined, an operator can run each capturing job with a simple "mouse-click". Documents can be separated during the scan process by a selection of Event Rules, customizable for the requirements of different scanning jobs. This allows for improved document and file management and facilitates the up-loading of images into subsequent applications such workflow and Data Management Systems. Contact: J & K Imaging, Atlanta, GA; (800) 311-1488;

Laserfiche Document Imaging

LaserFiche Enterprise has combined client-server architecture with the ability to combine remote servers, storage systems and disk farms into a unique imaging solution. Information can be stored and shared across the LAN or WAN, and the LaserFiche enterprise solution allows Novell NetWare and Windows NT administrators to create multiple imaging databases with separate security structures, data storage and physical locations. The bulk of data processing is done on the server, putting less strain on the network. Laserfiche features include an intuitive folder system, customizable index cards, auto-filing, and a variety of security features. Users can point others to a particular document to share it without compromising the integrity of the entire system. Contact: Laserfiche Document Imaging and Document Management Software, Torrance, CA; (310) 793-1888;

Pagis Pro

Pagis Pro Millennium Edition from ScanSoft allows users in a work group to share documents. It also features file search and organization ability, editing features for documents and images, and scanning capability for hard copy documents. Contact: ScanSoft, Peabody, MA; (978) 977-2000;


ScanShop is scanning software for Unix platforms. Point and click controls let users select the scan area, resolution, and other settings. The scanner features built-in image editing capabilities such as cropping, zooming, vertical/horizontal mirroring, and rotation. Users can select the printer, the number of copies, the page orientation, positioning, and more, preview the image before sending it to the printer, and view the non-printable areas of each page. Contact: Vividata, Inc., Emeryville, CA; (510) 658-6597;


VueScan allows users to acquire images from both flatbed and film scanners. Users can do batch scanning while controlling for image quality with color balance and cropped images. VueScan has support for more than 200 types of film. Users can make contact sheets while cropping images. Contact: Hamrick Software, Ph'enix, AZ;

Screen Capture and Web Capture Tools


BlackWidow is a web site scanner, a site mapping tool, a site ripper, a site mirroring tool, and an offline browser program. Users can use it to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site's structure, files, E-mail addresses, external links, and even link errors. Then users can download the site, with its structure and files intact, to use as a site mirror or to be converted by BlackWidow into a locally linked site for offline browsing and long-term reference. It can scan for and download any selection of files: from JPG to CGI to HTM to MIME types, from small to large files, in part of a site or in a group of sites. BlackWidow will scan HTTP sites, SSL sites (HTTPS) and FTP sites. Contact: SoftByte Labs, Duluth, GA;


CaptureEze Pro Auto-Print will capture and print from 1-6 images per page. Automatic start options allow total control of all print settings, screen to printer color re-assignment, time/date stamps, user defined text stamps, and programmable 1-key operation. Editing and enhancement tools include filters, adjust image size and color level, crop, rotate, masks, and digital and traditional frames. Contact: Application Technologies, Pepperell, MA; (978) 433-5201;

Capture LITE and Capture Professional

Creative Softworx offers two Windows screen capture applications. Capture LITE features 14 screen capture modes, allowing users to capture windows, controls, menus, and various other areas of the screen. Capture Professional uses the same screen capture engine as Capture LITE, but also adds scanning, integrated image editing, and other powerful features. Both run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 systems and are Year 2000 compliant. Capture Professional and Capture LITE are fully configurable and are suitable for beginners and power users. Customizable hotkeys allow power users to directly access every screen capture mode. Beginners can set the print screen key to start a specified screen capture mode or to automatically print the screen. Contact: Creative Softworx, Alpharetta, GA; (800) 680-9679;


HyperSnap-DX performs screen capture from Windows desktop programs and game screen capture from hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D, 3Dfx Voodoo, and Glide mode games. HyperSnap-DX can also capture screen frames from many software DVD players and video software. Users can use the HyperSnap-DX screen capture utility to capture a screen shot of long Web pages or long documents. HyperSnap-DX auto-scrolls to capture what isn't even visible on the screen. It also allows users to edit and annotate on the screen. Contact: Hyperionics Technology, Murrysville, PA; (425) 969-2775;


WebZeer is a fully integrated web browsing companion that opens in the left panel of the user's browser, enabling users to capture useful items of data in an HTML page as they surf. Users can use WebZeer to capture items on the Internet, including rich media such as pictures, sounds, streaming video, and individual links to pages. WebZeer lets users drag and drop material from Web searches and Intranet sites. Once the information is found, users can represent that information as pictures, icons, or text. Contact: uZee Limited, Great Shelford, Cambridge, United Kingdom; 44 1223 840632;

Productivity Tools


This bookmark management tool (pronounced like "a-squirrel" without the "s") features a variety of options for handling large collections of Web bookmarks. AcqURL uses a tabbed page metaphor to access groups of bookmarks, with each page holding up to 80 bookmarks. Drag and drop from the desktop or file manager is supported as well. AcqURL also contains an integrated FTP client with drag and drop functionality for bookmarking FTP sites. Specific bookmarks can be recognized at a glance by associating icons to them. AcqURL will automatically use the icon of a local file type when bookmarkng local files, and look for a web page icon when bookmarking web pages. Icons can also be assigned to AcqURL bookmarks and can use various graphic types such as: BMP, GIF, JPG, ICO and ICL. Contact: GT Technologies, Bend, OR; (541) 389-6628;


AutoDialogs is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 program that was developed to provide quick access to the folders used most often in standard Open/Save as/Browse for folder dialogs (including Office 95/97/2000 and Windows 2000 Professional dialog boxes), Windows Explorer and other programs. Using AutoDialogs, users can automatically insert pre-selected folders into their dialog boxes using a system tray menu (requiring only 2 clicks) or a pre-assigned hot key (one keystroke). Contact: MetaProducts, Columbus, OH;

BEEE (Better Email Enable Everything)

This email utility automates the vast majority of email tasks, helping users email-enable almost anything. This "Email-Bee" lets users automatically email designated files or folders at specified time intervals. Users need only select the file to send, add their email information, and enter the time interval to send the file. Additionally, users may specify the criteria that should be met (send it always, only if changed, or if it has grown by a specific amount of bytes), and the program handles the connection to the provider and sends the file via email. BEEE can automatically zip compress the files before sending, making the mailing of even large files a snap. Contact: iOpus, Walldorf, Germany, (49) 6227-841-9604;


BroadPage is a new browser tool that allows users to view multiple tiled windows from Web sites simultaneously. Using BroadPage, users do not have to leave one page to get to another. There is no backtracking, losing one's place, or skipping interesting pages to avoid getting sidetracked. Users can view up to 100 pages at a time, flipping through them using BroadPage's tabs to keep track. Contact: BroadPage, Cambridge, MA; (800) 656-5443;


DoubleTalk enables PowerMac users to connect to PC network servers from within the Macintosh environment, not in a Windows environment. Mac users can access file servers, transfer files from shared Windows workstations, print to networked PostScript Windows printers, and create a peer-to-peer network with PCs and Macs. Contact: Connectix Corp., San Mateo, CA; (650) 571-5100;

iMarkup Workgroup Server

The iMarkup Workgroup Server provides collaboration solutions for users working with Web content. Web developers, designers, enterprise users as well as online education and research teams can share thoughts about Web pages using the product's powerful annotation capabilities. The iMarkup Workgroup Server turns the Web into a virtual canvas for conveying thoughts and ideas. A new feature called Escorted Browsing allows one user to lead a group of users to any Web page, keeping them all in sync in real-time. Depending on permissions established by the iMarkup Workgroup administrator, these users can markup the Web pages for others to view. The annotations that users create with the iMarkup Workgroup product are made using tools already familiar to them. These include sticky notes, highlighter pens and free-form drawing tools. Colleagues, reviewers, suppliers and partners who are group members can then make their own annotations, revisions, suggestions and changes. Later, annotations from every member of the team or project can be moved, viewed and edited - with all annotations and changes subsequently stored on a server. Contact: iMarkup, Vista, CA; (760) 631-4560;

MacDrive 2000

MacDrive enables computer users to navigate seamlessly between Mac and Windows platform documents without loss of productivity. Mac disks are automatically readable on PC machines. Users can open, save, delete, rename, and even format Mac disks on a Windows PC. MacDrive works on floppies, Zip, Jaz, ORB, SyQuest, hard drives, CD-ROMs, multisession CD-Rs, and others. Contact: Mediafour Corp., West Des Moines, IA; (515) 225-7409;


QuickConference from CE Software provides instant communication to networked users of Microsoft's Windows 95 or greater, Windows NT 4.0 or greater, and Apple's Mac OS. Unlike other instant messaging products, everyone can use QuickConference, even those without a connection to the Internet. This easy to use conferencing product features secure messaging, URL and e-mail support, server linking, custom address books, and multi-user logins. This quick and secure tool is an appropriate solution for office environments that need to keep in touch without always getting on the Internet to do so. Contact: CE Software, Des Moines, IA; (515) 221-1801;


Aladdin Systems' StuffIt software is a complete compression solution that enables users to share large files faster through the Internet. Files can be compressed 98% of their original size, freeing up hard drive space and saving time sending and receiving files. The software works on Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. Contact: Aladdin Systems, Watsonville, CA; (831) 761-6200;

Timbuktu Pro

Timbuktu Pro for Windows is a remote control and file transfer software solution. Multiple Access Mode technology supports all Internet, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), dial-up, and direct dial connections. Offering remote control, fast file exchange, chat and instant messaging, Timbuktu Pro ensures that any mobile worker, telecommuter, or offsite collaborator can connect and communicate without fail across all Windows and Mac OS platforms. Timbuktu also offers a wealth of security and ease-of-use options designed to make remote collaborating and communicating flexible, fast and safe. Contact: Netopia, Alameda, CA; (510) 814-5100;

Up-To-Date & Contact Software 4.0

The latest version of this software for personal organization allows users to organize their schedules and contacts, then keep it all "Up-to-Date" by issuing reminders, making it easy to change and add information. The software is synchronizable with a Palm compatible computer. Users can manage their own schedules and contacts, or easily share them with small groups or large organizations. Now Up-to-Date & Contact's built-in server solution lets users schedule meetings inside a small office or run a worldwide enterprise over the Internet. New features include Grab-n-Go, with which users can collect information from virtually any document and with one click, create an appointment, to-do, or reminder. Contact: Power On Software, New Albany, OH; (800) 344-9160;

Vista Plus

Vista Plus software from Quest allows administrators to manage all of the information in an organization, save it in a central repository, and deliver it to users in a variety of formats. Vista provides access to files through portals and email and reduces cost of ownership through its powerful search tools and report index hyperlinking drill-down capabilities. Contact: Quest Software, Victoria, Australia; (613) 9654 4399;

VMWare Workstation

VM Ware Workstation creates virtual computing worlds using MultipleWorlds technology, a thin software layer that sits between the Intel architecture and the operating system, virtualizing the hardware and managing all hardware resources. Using the software, users can create fully loaded PCs in one window of the workstation screen, maximizing resources and saving budgets. One machine takes the place of many. Switching operating systems, rebooting, and recovering from a computer crash are simpler, because administrators need only work with one machine instead of a room full of PCs. Students can practice crashing and recovering systems with no fear of real damage to the system. Using the software, users can share files, send email and run all software applications, just as they would with an actual machine. Contact: VMWare, Inc., Palo Alto, CA; (650) 475-5000;

X-Portal Findware

X-Portal Findware is an advanced information retrieval tool that combines reference, educational, business, and Internet material. This tool simultaneously searches multiple search engines and 22 built-in references to answer queries quickly. X-Portal's ranked list of results is thorough, reliable, complete, concise, and relevant to the request. X-Portal is designed to eliminate erroneous Web results and reduce the amount of time users spend searching for relevant documents. Contact: CenturionSoft, Washington, D.C., (202) 293-5151;

Networking Technologies

AirConnect Wireless LAN

With AirConnect Wireless LAN, users can extend their wired Ethernet service to wireless users. AirConnect Wireless LAN plugs into the wired LAN and can send and receive information at speeds up to 11Mbps. Each access point supports up to 63 wireless notebook or desktop clients and provides 300 feet of wireless coverage in a standard office or classroom environment. AirConnect connects to an office network via a 10Base-T connection and installs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.x, and Windows CE. This access point features built-in diagnostics and power-up self-check, upgradable firmware, antenna diversity, and support for SNMP. Contact: 3Com, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 638-3266;

Allied Telesyn Rapier Switches

Allied Telesyn's Rapier family of Layer 3 IP switches leverages the company's AR-series router technology, combining silicon-based wire-speed switching with advanced LAN, MAN, and WAN routing features. The product line is designed to help smaller businesses and enterprises address networking needs in ways that were previously beyond their budget. Capabilities like the integrated Stateful Inspection firewall and SecureVPN provide network address translation and LAN/WAN isolation and deliver inter-VLAN protection for mission critical security applications at speeds of up to 75 Mbps per second. Contact: Allied Telesyn, Bothell, WA; (800) 424-4284;

AMCC Switches

Applied Microcircuits Corporation offers a variety of switches, including the S2090 3.2 gigabit cross point switch, appropriate for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems, digital video, digital demultiplexing, and microwave or fiber-optic data distribution. Also available from AMCC are products for gigabit Ethernet networking and broadcast video. Contact: AMCC, San Diego, CA; (858) 450-9333;

Cisco Lightstream ATM Switches

The Cisco LS 1010 is a Layer-3 enhanced ATM switch that integrates wire-speed Layer 3 switching and ATM switching in to a single chassis, eliminating the need for network managers to make a technology choice. The 5-Mbps modular switch provides fault-tolerant operation and extremely fast throughput. Contact: Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA; (800) 553-6387;

Cygnet Technologies

Cygnet Technologies products serve the broadband needs of multi-dwelling and multi-tenant unit situations, including campuses and the small office/home office market. Cygnet products present an end-to-end solution for delivering high-demand, high-speed Internet access to people in high-density environments. Utilizing either VDSL or HomePNA 2.0 technology, the Sojourner Access Concentrators maximize the use of the legacy copper wire infrastructure to deliver the converging voice, video and data content. With the combination of the concentrators, remote units, and enterprise gigabit Ethernet switch, the company provides an end-to-end solution. A Web-based tool, the software allows easy porting of statistics through XML to common databases and spreadsheets. Contact: Cygnet Technologies, Lewisville, TX; (972) 242-0372;

Emulex LH5000

The LH5000 Fibre Channel hub features patented digital technology that enables unmatched loop resiliency and system availability. With intelligence on every port, the LH5000 provides port isolation, validates loop protocol, and fully re-times the signal. The LH5000 also provides a number of management capabilities, including Web-based management. The digital architecture of the LH5000 eliminates all signal jitter and provides automatic clock speed matching on every port. As a result, LH5000 hubs can be configured as a single 10 port loop or dual independent 5 port loops, allowing for flexibility in network design and cabling distances. Contact: Emulex, Costa Mesa, CA; (800) 854-7112;

IMC Networks

IMC Networks manufactures networking hardware, fiber optic connectivity, and bandwidth management solutions for LANs, WANs, and MANs. Among its many products, IMC offers gigabit Ethernet copper-to-fiber media converters. IMC's SNMP-manageable iMcV-Gigabit media converter converts 1000Base-T twisted pair signals to 1000Base-SX or 1000Base-LX fiber optics. It enables cost-effective utilization of the increased speed provided by Gigabit Ethernet and connects the LAN to the MAN/WAN when distances up to 40 kilometers are required. iMcV-Gigabit can also be used in conjunction with fiber-based Gigabit switches to connect the network to existing Category 5e copper-based switches, or to connect selected power users without having to pull fiber to the desktop. Contact: IMC Networks, Foothill Ranch, CA; (949) 465-3000;

MikroTik v2.3

MikroTik v2.0 Software Router System turns a standard PC computer into a network router. To expand the router's capabilities, add standard network PC interfaces. The software includes remote java box administration, bandwidth control, firewall, wireless 11Mb/s synchronous 5Mb/s, asynchronous PPP/RADIUS (up to 32 ports), LMC DS3 and E1/T1 support, and Ethernet at 10/100Mb/s. Contact: MikroTik, Riga, Latvia; +371-7-801-079;

Netgear DS500 Series Hubs

The DS500 series of dual-speed stackable hubs enable users to mix and match 10 and 100 Mbps PCs, servers, and peripherals on the same network. Every port automatically operates at the proper speed. Up to 8 of these hubs can be stacked to support 192 users at 10 or 100 Mbps. The 10-to-100 Mbps bridge automatically locates each user and filters or forwards traffic accordingly. The built-in LEDs provide clear and intuitive status. Two LED bar graphs give online status of network utilization and alert users to potential network overload. Contact: Netgear, Inc., Santa Clara, CA; (408) 907-8000;

Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router

The Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router allows small- and medium-sized organizations to connect a LAN to the Internet via the Ethernet port on a DSL or Cable modem. The Netopia R9100 includes an integrated 8-port Ethernet hub with an uplink port for connection to an external hub. No additional equipment is required to create a new network or expand an existing local network. Dial-in users can access the LAN from anywhere on the Internet using a secure, encrypted tunnel. The R9100 router is designed with a modular architecture to allow for future upgrades. Contact: Netopia, Inc., Alameda, CA; (510) 814-5100;

NTT Electronics

NTT Electronics, also called NEL, builds advanced electronic and photonic devices for information networks. NEL's optical switches employ Mach-Zehnder interferometers with thermo-optic phase shifters as switching units and include an 8 × 8 optical matrix switch and an 8-arrayed 2 × 2 optical switch. What this means is that these switches are smaller and use less power than mechanical switches or O/E-SW-EO switches, and they can be driven by +5V TTL-level voltage. All of this adds up to a switch with low loss and low crosstalk. Contact: NTT Electronics Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; (81) 3 5456 4161;


The CHESS-Narrowband (CHannelizer Engine for SONET/SDH Narrowband) chip set provides high density grooming and aggregation to better utilize bandwidth in next generation SONET/SDH edge networks. The CHESS Narrowband chip set is designed for converged packet and voice infrastructure equipment such as Multi Service Provisioning Platforms and Voice Gateways. The CHESS-Narrowband complements PMC-Sierra's CHESS and CHESS-II chip sets by grooming sub-STS-1 (narrowband) voice and data channels prior to transport to the core of the Metro network. The various CHESS models offer 622 mbit/s to 20 gigabit capacity. Contact: PMC-Sierra, Durham, NC; (919) 474-5125;


The MaxGate UGate-3300 is an integrated Broadband Internet connection and printer sharing router for both 11Mbps Wireless and 10/100Mbps Ethernet LANs, allowing up to 253 users to setup up a network and share an Internet connection wirelessly. The single-port parallel print server also lets an entire office share one printer. Built in NAT firewall security keeps intruders out of the network. Contact: MaxGate, Fremont, CA; (800) 284-8985;

WebRamp 310i

WebRamp 310i is an integrated analog router, with a 4-port 10BaseT Ethernet hub and two internal 56K V.90 modems. It operates on Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/Workgroup 3.x, Mac OS 7.5.3 and above, UNIX, and NetWare. It has a single external IP address and has the capability of adding a third external modem if more bandwidth is needed. Contact: Nokia, (877) 997-9199;

Yipes Communications IP Over Fiber Networking

Yipes Communications uses the Ethernet and IP networking to link businesses and campuses to the Internet via high-speed optical fiber. Yipes sells bandwidth on demand. Users pay as they go only for what they use. Yipes connects directly to the end user, covering the "last mile" that carriers typically do not cover. Because Yipes operates via Ethernet, no translating hardware and software, and thus no hardware purchases, are required between its Gigabit routers and the customer. Yipes MAN (Metro Area) provides LAN-to-LAN connectivity to increase local area network connection speeds on demand. Yipes NET gives schools high speed Internet service within Yipes' metro network. Yipes WAN is suitable for connecting LANs situated in distant locations, and Yipes WALL is managed firewall service. Yipes also offers Yipes WEB, a collection of managed hosting options, and network design and implementation services. Contact: Yipes Communications, San Francisco, CA; (977) 740-6600;

Wireless Access: Optical Wireless

Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf's Wireless Campus enables higher education institutions to enhance campus communication with intelligent wireless interactions using personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones, handheld computers and two-way pagers. Blue Wolf's solution, relying on hand-held devices rather than laptop computers, leverages a campus's existing data from its back-end, course management, and portal systems. Customers can customize the look and feel of the wireless channel as well as its content. Contact: Blue Wolf, Tempe, AZ; (480) 940-7626;


Colubris Networks CN 1050 combines wireless security with its hardware-assisted VPN technology. The built-in VPN server creates a completely secure connection for each wireless station, and the onboard Hifn chipset maximizes throughput by handling all encryption tasks. For added flexibility, the CN1050 also includes support for 40/128-bit WEP encryption. CN 1050 also includes a firewall customizable for appropriate rules. CN 1050is appropriate for distance learning situations, in which satellite offices shares a single Internet connection via cable, DSL, or broadband wireless modem, using VPN technology to create a secure "tunnel" to a remote server. Colubris also provides seamless integration with legacy Ethernet LANs. Contact: Colubris, Lval, Quebec, Canada; (405) 680-5074;


The SONAbeam product line from fSONA offers point-to-point line-of-sight, full duplex synchronous transmission at fast speeds. The SONAbeam products can carry information at data rates up to 1.25 Gpbs over a propagation distance of 2.5 miles. Cheaper than laying optical fiber, this system, consisting of two transceivers and a backup microwave link, is deployable within 24 hours once line-of-sight access is available. For longer distance connections there is a dynamic beam-tracking and alignment system that can be installed in 30 minutes. For links across a mile or more or in areas where buildings may sway, fSONA's dynamic beam tracking system relies on a custom-designed frictionless gimbal that takes into account building movement and inclement weather. Contact: fSONA, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada; (877) Go-FSONA;

NextNet Wireless

NextNet Expedience is a non-line-of-sight broadband wireless access system designed for rapid deployment of high-speed, two-way voice and data services over the "last mile" of the communications network. The end-to-end system enables MMDS service providers to deliver low-cost, converged services to their residential and small business subscribers over a single multi-service network. The Expedience system features a fully-integrated indoor self-installable CPE unit (customer premises equipment) and a fully-integrated Base Station Transceiver. Contact: NextNet Wireless, Minneapolis, MN; (952) 967-1116;

RoamAbout Wireless Access

RoamAbout R2, from Enterasys Networks, is a customizable and expandable wireless platform. The RoamAbout R2 is designed to provide institutions with advanced networking features, an upgradable architecture, and support for multiple radio technologies. These features create a smooth technology migration, eliminating the need to upgrade an entire infrastructure or discard previously purchased PC radio cards. The RoamAbout PC card uses radio frequencies instead of a LAN connection, seamlessly switching access points as the user moves about the network. Contact: Enterasys Networks, Rochester, NH; (877) 641-7400;

Spike RF Technology

XI Spike wireless technology enables game players to enjoy RF wireless gaming without a loss in the game's performance. Features include a console that has been upgraded to XI SPIKE with QuadX transceivers that will support up to 8 players concurrently. Each XI SPIKE powered QuadX enables the console to communicate with 4 genuine XI SPIKE wireless controllers simultaneously. Up to 16 XI SPIKE control devices can be used in the same area for increased multiplayer action. In addition, XI Spike permits players to choose any weapon, whether that be a fishing rod or a sword. Cross-platform capability and dynamic bonding give the gamer more choices: no longer is the game player tied to particular transceivers and controllers, as all XI Spike products will bond with each other automatically. Contact: Spike RF Technology, (780) 425-6511;

Symbol 24

Symbol local area networking 24 is a wireless classroom solution that relies on handheld devices. The goal is to overcome insufficient or inconvenient data drops, provide students with ready access to technology tools, and simplify technology use for teachers. Administrators, teachers, and security personnel have instant access to student records. Symbol uses bar code laser scanning to facilitate the creation of a completely mobile and interactive classroom. Contact: Symbol Technologies, Holtsville, NY; (631) 738-5451;


ZoomAir wireless networking products feature standards-based IEEE 802.11b that insures compatibility with DSSS and country-specific channel support at 2.4 Ghz; a range of up to 300 ft indoors and 1000 ft outdoors; an11 Mbps data rate; Windows 95/98/NT/2000 drivers; WEP security (64-bit and 128-bit data encryption); and 32-character network ID security. AP11 Access Point Hardware connects a ZoomAir or other IEEE 802.11b DSSS compliant wireless network to an existing wired Ethernet LAN and extends the range of the wireless network. The solution extends the range of ad-hoc set-ups (using the full radius around a centered access point). The LAN to LAN Bridging Kit is a complete solution for establishing a permanent wireless link between LAN's in separate buildings or facilities within line of sight of each other; it is a money-saving alternative to leased lines or cabling between buildings. Contact: Zoom Telephonics, Boston, MA; (617) 423-1072;

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