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Language Software and Systems, Personal Computers and Workstation Technology, and Portals

Language Software and Systems


Elice is a new language learning product from Teleste. Elice This teacher-led system is designed to be durable and withstand years of laboratory use. Elice features a variety of classroom activities, including listening comprehension, pair discussion, phone conversation, interpreting exercises, self-paced listening, pronunciation drills, and professional testing. A control panel allows instructors to assemble a classroom of students, monitor their progress, take roll, and intervene with an entire class, a group, or a single student. The product kit includes software as well as instructor and student audio panels, headsets, and connection materials. Contact: Teleste, Turku, Finland,

Personal Computers and Workstation Technology

Desktop Computers

AcerPower Desktop Computers

The Veriton 7200 desktop computer is Acer's entry into the education market. Shipped with Intel Pentium 4 processor and preloaded Windows 2000 OS, the model features 128 MB of SD RAM, a 20 GB hard drive, 10/100 Ethernet, frontal port connectivity, LAN Desk Client Manager, Acer CPR recovery CD, and diagnostic and anti-virus software. Contact: Acer America Corp., San Jose, CA; (800) 391-ACER;

Apple iMac DV

Apple offers four versions of the iMac. Users can choose processor speed as well as color. The line includes the 500MHz CD-ROM iMac in Indigo, the 500MHz CD-RW iMac in Indigo and in Snow, the 600MHz iMac in Graphite and Snow, and the 700MHz iMac Special Edition in Graphite and Snow. All models feature 256K of Level 2 cache running at full processor speed, plenty of RAM (64MB on the CD-ROM model, 128MB on the 500MHz CD-RW model, and 256MB on the 600MHz and Special Edition models), ATI RAGE 128 Ultra graphics accelerators with 16MB SDRAM, built-in microphone, dual mini-headphone jacks, FireWire and USB. Also included are a 56K V.90 fax modem, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and a slot for an AirPort Card. Hard disk capacity has also been greatly expanded (60GB in the Special Edition) to hold movies and music. Contact: Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA; (408) 974-0210;

Dell Dimension 8200

The 8200 features a Pentium 4 processor with up to 2 GHz of processing power and 2 GB of RDRAM memory. The unit features four USB ports, two in front and two in back for maximum flexibility. The new expandable quiet chassis with easy-access opening and tool-less PCI card installation and color-coded cables comes in a new color, midnight gray. Contact: Dell Computer, Corp., Round Rock, TX; (800) 274-7799;

Gateway 500 Desktop Series

Gateway 500 Desktops feature Intel Pentium 4 processors and a minimum of 1.5 GHz of power. The series offers 20 or 40 GB hard drives and up to 256 MB SDRAM. The unit is pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and the MS Works Suite 2000 of software. The highest end model in the series features both a DVD-ROM drive and recordable, rewritable CDRW. Contact: Gateway 2000, North Sioux City, SD; (800) GATEWAY;

Hewlett Packard Vectra v1800

The HP Vectra v1800 uses an Intel Pentium 4 processor to deliver 2 GHz of processing power. The Minitower model of the Vectra series features a 256KB cache, memory of 2x 128MB RDRAM nECC, hard drive with 40GB, DVD 16X IDE optical storage, NVIDIA GeForce2-GTS graphics, 32MB of video RAM, LAN, and more. Contact: Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA; (650) 857-1501;

Premio Apollo Series 845S

Premio's latest desktop PC, the 845S, features support for the Intel Pentium 4 processor utilizing PC133 SDRAM. The machines run at 1.5 to 2.0 GHz. Housed in a full-sized midtower case, the Premio Apollo 845S emphasizes expandability for future upgrades and robustness for heavy-duty applications and multi-tasking. There are six PCI 2.1 busmastering slots, one AGP slot, and one CNR slot. USB ports are located on the back of the tower. Contact: PREMIO, City of Industry, CA; (800) 677-6477;

Toshiba Equium

The Toshiba Equium 8000 series comprises a build-to-order system that includes a range of options for customizing a lower-priced desktop solution. The models are available with an Intel PentiumIII processor working at up to 1 GHZ, from 20 to 40GB on the hard disk drive, 128MB SDRAM memory, CD/RW for unlimited storage, V.90/K56 modem, 3Com 10/100 Ethernet card, and speakers. The models can be ordered in several designs, including slimline, desktop, or minitower chassis. Contact: Toshiba, Irvine, CA; (800) TOSHIBA;

Portable Computers and Handheld Devices

AlphaSmart 3000

The AlphaSmart 3000 is a simple, portable and affordable computer companion. It is compatible with any computer, Macintosh or PC, and with most printers. It enables users to type, edit, and electronically store text (for example, reports, essays, email messages, or notes), and to practice keyboarding, without having to be at a computer. The text can then be transferred to any computer for formatting, or directly to a printer. Its portability allows students to use it anywhere and anytime (for example, in the classroom, at home or on field trips). The AlphaSmart has an optional 100% error-free IR (infrared) interface that allows wireless transfer between the AlphaSmart and a computer or printer. The AlphaSmart 3000's all-new SmartApplet architecture is capable of extending its simple functionality with the introduction of applets. Applets can be downloaded to the AlphaSmart to extend its functionality for keyboarding, templates, email, and more. Contact: AlphaSmart, Cupertino, CA; (888) 274-0680;

Apple PowerBook G4

The new PowerBook G4 features a 15.2-inch megawide screen, Mobility Radeon graphics accelerator, and a five-hour battery. The unit weighs only 5.3 pounds and is only one inch thick. The 550-667 MHz processing speed is an improvement over the previous PowerBook. The PowerBook also features 256K of on-chip level 2 cache, running at the same speed as the processor. The cache adds high-speed, short-term memory that boosts system performance by providing quick access to data and instructions en route to the processor. In addition to enabling full-frame-rate DVD video playback, the Mobility Radeon accelerator also speeds up visual effects like bump mapping, environment mapping, and 3D textures. Contact: Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA; (408) 974-0210;

Compaq Presario Notebooks

Compaq's Presario series includes the 1800 line of fully loaded customizable or pre-configured portables. Each features a Pentium III processor, 10/100 Ethernet port, second generation DVD ROM drive, and TV out capability, allowing users to connect the notebook to the TV to view DVD movies. The series is available with a 15-inch monitor with a total notebook weight of 7.8 pounds. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (800) 99-TEACH;

Handspring Visor Prism

Visor Prism's active matrix screen displays 65,000 colors, handy for viewing photos or maps from a peripheral device such as a digital camera or GPS. The handheld's other features include Date Book Plus, a calculator, and world clock. A Springboard expansion slot enables users to connect to peripherals, while the Hotsync connection to a PC or Mac can be done quickly via the USB port. The unit runs on the Palm OS. Contact: Handspring, Mountain View, CA; (650) 230-5000;

IBM WorkPad c500 Series Handheld

The WorkPad PC Companion provides instant access to the user's address book, expense records, email, calendar, memo pad, to-do list, and other functions. Features include a backlit screen and 8 MB of RAM. The unit runs on the Palm OS 4.0 operating system. The WorkPad includes an infrared port and optional modem and USB. Contact: IBM; Armonk, NY; (888) SHOP-IBM;

NEC MobilePro 790 Handheld PC

NEC MobilePro 790 is a handheld computer small enough to fit into a briefcase or handbag. The 790 is an instant-on handheld PC with 32MB of memory, 16MB of flash memory and an 8.1" color touch screen. Weighing less than two pounds, the unit is only 1.1-inches thin. Ten programmable function keys are built into the keyboard. The 790 offers 24 MB of ROM, 32 MB of RAM, and a 168MHz processor and comes loaded with Windows software and is synchronizable with a desktop or notebook PC. Contact: NEC Technologies, Inc., West Valley City, UT; (888) 632-8701;

Palm VIIx Connected Organizer

The Palm VIIx provides many of the same features of Palm's earlier models, but with the addition of wireless access to the Internet. The product includes a date book, address Book, mail, To Do List, memo pad, expense recorder, calculator, security, games, and HotSync technology for local and remote synchronization with the user's PC. An infrared port facilitates data/software sharing. The Palm VII offers 8MB RAM. Contact: Palm, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 878-9000;

Tangent Shuttle 7000

Tangent's top of the line notebook features an Intel mobile Pentium III or Celeron processor with speeds up to 850 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, a 14.1 or 15-inch display, and a docking station/port replicator option that allows users to add a second monitor if desired. The 15-inch unit weighs 7.2 pounds. Contact: Tangent, Burlingame, CA; (800) TANGENT;

Toshiba Satellite Pro

Toshiba's Satellite Pro series offers a 900-1000 MHz Pentium III processor with wireless connectivity. At the highest end, the series features integrated Ethernet and 56K modem, 30 GB hard drive, 3.5-inch disk drive, and CD-ROM and DVD drives. The multimedia package includes a 15-inch diagonal active matrix color display and Trident XP graphics controller. Users can also purchase a desktop enablement bundle, which converts the portable computer into a desktop workstation. Contact: Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc., Irvine, CA; (800) TOSHIBA;

Monitors and Displays

Clarity DLP WN 5230-S

The Clarity Digital Light Processing 52-inch diagonal rear-projection display WN 5230-S, also called the "Tigress," features a one-chip engine that eliminates the need for convergence adjustment in production or during installation while maintaining the same 8000 hour lamp life and low power consumption as their two-chip model. Combined with Clarity's ColorEdge module, which provides enhanced color matching between displays, set up time will be significantly reduced. Contact: Clarity Visual Systems, Wilsonville, OR; (503) 570-0700;

Da-Lite Advantage Electrol

Da-Lite makes a wide variety of projection screens and electric screens. The latter include the Advantage Electrol model, with a lightweight extruded aluminum. The fabric coverings are seamless and the finished case edge has a clean look and allows easy installation of ceiling tiles around the case. Specially designed "C" channels on the top of the case allow mounting attachments anywhere along the case's length. It is available in a tensioned or non-tensioned version in a variety of fabrics. Contact: Da-Lite Screen, Warsaw, IN; (800) 622-3737;

Fujitsu Plasmavision PDS-4222 Display

The Plasmavision display accepts the latest video and computer graphics input, freeing the unit from a computer. The display gives a big 16 million color screen image on a flat, focused panel less than six inches thick. Wide viewing format allows users to see equally well from any part of the room. Digital processing electronics automatically resize any input to give a clear image. The 4222 model is equipped with a high resolution panel of 1024 x 1024 pixel in an aspect ratio of 16:9. The display is compatible with 1080i HDTV format of the next generation high picture quality digital system. It also displays various picture signals such as XGA, SVGA, VGA computer images. Contact: Fujitsu, Fairfield, NJ; (888) 888-3424;

Leonardo Plasma Monitors

Mitsubishi's new 40-inch Leonardo Plasma Monitor measures only 4.4 inches deep and weighs less than 100 pounds. The monitor is designed for wall mounting, ceiling suspension, or tabletop settings. The monitor generates a sharp, vivid picture with a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. Leonardo's 4:3 format accepts all standard video cards and computer applications and features a 15 to 50 kHz horizontal scanning range and a 640 x 480 fixed resolution. Contact: Mitsubishi, Cypress, CA; (714) 220-2500;


The NEC VR17 monitor has a15.7 inch viewable screen). The monitor offers on-screen controls, resolution up to 1280x768, a 0.27mm dot pitch, and anti-static, anti-glare coatings. Contact: NEC Technologies, Inc., West Valley City, UT; (888) 632-8701;

Princeton SENergy display

By incorporating analog and digital interfaces, the SENergy series provides display performance and compatibility with today's analog video standards. The display features a wide viewing angle, one touch control, and high brightness and contrast. This sleek ergonomically designed TFT display provides flexible four-way adjustments for optimum tabletop use, along with VESA wall-mounting capabilities to provide a wide array of user options. Its portrait mode provides maximum Internet browsing convenience with less scrolling required. Contact: Princeton Graphic Systems, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 751-8405;

Samsung SVP 6000 N/P

Samsung's SVP-6000 N/P high-end video presenter offers 1,500,000 pixels and d'es not need a computer to convert text or images to video. It features a built-in light box for 35mm slides and transparencies. The tilting head camera allows the user to rotate the head up to 90 degrees and the 12X power zoom function allows presentation of documents with type as small as 8 points. Built-in RS-232C and USB interfaces enable the unit to communicate to a remote control system or any Windows PC. Contact: Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Secaucus, NJ; (201) 902-0347;

Sharp LC-150M2U LCD Video Monitor

Sharp LCD video monitors feature high brightness with long-life fluorescent backlight. With high resolution and a flicker-free, full color (16.7 million) TFT active matrix LCD, these monitors also feature a non-glare screen and wide viewing angle. The Sharp LC-150M2U LCD Video Monitor is ergonomically designed to fit on the wall, tabletop, or kiosk. This flat monitor is less than 3" thick and weighs only 7.9lbs. Energy efficient, it requires 44 percent less power than a standard CRT monitor, providing cost savings through reduced power usage. With multiple inputs, these screens are compatible not only with composite and S-Video, but with higher quality component outputs such as DVD players, video cameras, and future DTV decoders. The LC-150M2U features high brightness with long-life fluorescent backlight, 640x480 resolution and a flicker-free, full color (16.7 million) TFT active matrix LCD, a non-glare screen and wide viewing angle.
Contact: Sharp Electronics Corp., Mahwah, NJ; (201) 529-8731;


Boxx Technologies

Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Linux, the 3DBOXX R1 from Boxx technologies series features 1.2 GHz, and 1.0GHz AMD Athlon MP processors and is optimized for leading 3D and animation software programs such as Maya, 3D Studio MAX, Softimage 3D, LightWave 3D, and Houdini. The AMD Athlon MP processors with Double Data Rate (DDR) memory are designed to provide increased performance in video encoding, audio, video, and image editing, and 3D modeling and animation, and feature a microarchitecture that is optimized for high clock frequencies and a system bus that runs at 266 MHz. The workstations feature up to 4GB 266MHz DDR with 4 DIMM slots, 2 onboard 10/100Mbs Ethernet adapters, and 10 internal hard drive bays with optional hotswap hard drives. Contact: Boxx Technologies, Austin, TX; (877) 877-BOXX;

Hewlett Packard Workstation 1000

The HP Workstation 1000 gives users the power of a workstation for the price of a PC. The product features an Intel Pentium 4 processor with new 845 chipset. It provides up to 2 GHz of speed, 768 MB of main memory, and choice of 2D or 3D graphics. The optional DVD+RW/CD-RW combination drive allows a single drive to efficiently handle all CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW, and DVD+RW needs. Also available is optional mass storage expandability up to 146 GB SCSI. Contact: Hewlett Packard; Palo Alto, CA; (650) 857-1501;

IntelliStation M Pro

The IntelliStation M Pro is a flexible workstation that is optimized to the demands of engineers, media creators, software developers, and financial analysts. Features include a user-centric design, task-tuned 2D/3D graphics, and a flexible six-slot mini-tower design. Additionally, this package comes equipped with either Pentium III processors at up to 1GHz or Intel Xeon processors at up to 2 GHz. System performance is enhanced by an SCSI controller and disk and RAMBUS ECC memory up to 4 GB. Contact: IBM; Armonk, NY; (888) SHOP-IBM;

Quadro2 Pro

This full-featured board provides advanced 3D and 2D performance for the engineering professional. Features include a hardware antialiased line engine, a 6.4GB/sec bandwidth that enables work in fully textured mode while achieving real-time frame rates, and a 64MB unified frame buffer that supports high-resolution, 32bpp textures. With 1.0G pixels/sec and 31M triangles/sec geometry processing capabilities, the Quadro2 Pro can support just about any engineering design environment. The NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR) makes realistic material properties possible through per-pixel shading effects. Now with all NVIDIA second-generation GPUs high-quality, dynamic per-pixel shading is possible, and features such as per-pixel bump mapping can be utilized to a more dramatic visual effect. Contact: NVIDIA; Santa Clara, CA; (408) 486-2000;

Silicon Graphics O2+

The new Silicon Graphics O2+ visual workstation integrates high-quality graphics performance with built-in video and powerful image-processing capabilities in a relatively affordable UNIX system. Based on the Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) introduced with the original Silicon Graphics O2 visual workstation, the new O2+ platform enables 3D graphics, powerful image processing, and real-time video. The workstation, designed for use in 3D imaging, science, medical imaging, and broadcast graphics, among other applications, offers from 256MB to I GB of synchronous DRAM memory. Contact: Silicon Graphics; Mountain View, CA; (800) 361-2621;


Archos Portable Hard Drive

Archos sells a wide array of miniature portable hard drives, DVD players, and CDRWs. The Archos line of mini-CDRWs (CD-rewritable, CD-recordable devices) includes PC Card, USB, or CardBus interfaces, or a combination of these connection options. Contact: Archos, Irvine, CA; (949) 453-1121;

Datadesk Technologies Smartboard

Smartboard is an ergonomic keyboard specifically designed to reflect the natural fanning of the fingers while typing. The keyboard will fit any standard keyboard drawer and save desktop space, because it is 20% smaller than other ergonomic keyboards. Larger keys for hard-to-reach letters and tactile-response key switches make typing easier and more accurate. Contact: Datadesk, Bainbridge Island, WA; (206) 842-5480;

Hot Keyboard

Hot Keyboard for Windows assigns to hot keys such repetitive tasks as frequently used text phrases or names, date/time stamps, and email addressing, as well as application launches. Hot Keyboard can quickly change sound volumes and can open dial-up connections. User defined functions can be recorded and played back. The product also allows users to create macros one time, share, and synchronize them over LAN or WAN. Contact: TB Labs, Moscow, Russia;

Keyspan USB 2.0 Card

The Keyspan 2.0 Card enables users to add five high-speed USB ports to a PC or Mac, four external and one internal. The card supports USB 1.1 and the new 2.0 ports. The Keyspan card will support data rates up to 480 mbps. Contact: Keyspan, Richmond, CA; (510) 222-0131;

Kensington Wireless Mouse

The wireless TurboMouse Pro is the first wireless mouse compatible with OS X. The product includes six direct access buttons for fingertip access to favorite Web sites or applications. Stainless steel bearings and a large track ball give control and durability while the integrated scroll wheel allows users to move quickly through long documents. Contact: Kensington Technology Group, San Mateo, CA; (650) 572-2700;


Blackboard 5.5

Blackboard's portal (version 5.5) offers role-defined views, an electric blackboard (a notebook that all participants can use in class), and discussion boards that are highly sortable. In addition, TutorNet and HorizonLive have partnered with Blackboard to create the Virtual Classroom, which looks and behaves very much like an electronic white board. Also available through the portal are Blackboard Resources, Web-based resources for further study, organized into 15 main categories and 239 subdisciplines, or topics.

Version 5.5 of Blackboard features several improvements in its pedagogical functionality, including timed release of content, which allows instructors to set content availability rules and specify dates upon which content becomes live or no longer available, and the ability to build learning units within a course. Blackboard 5.5 offers a number of gradebook and assessments enhancements, including new sorting options, improved calculation and grade weighing abilities, improved reporting for mid-semester and final grades, and more options for placement and timing of assessments. Along with teaching and learning enhancements, Blackboard 5.5 has expanded its enterprise functionality. Finally, Blackboard's new architectural improvements provide new options for instructors, who now can, for instance, use digital course cartridges from publishers as part of the Blackboard-enabled course. Contact: Blackboard, Washington, DC; (202) 463-4860;


Campus Pipeline's Web platform g'es beyond portal and communication tools to integrate campus communication, academic resources, administrative services, campus news, course websites, and all other Web applications securely together under one online roof. Based on open standards, the Campus Pipeline Web platform integrates with a school's choice of information systems and other applications including CARS, CMDS, Datatel, Jenzabar, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Poise, SCT, Blackboard, e-College, Prometheus and WebCT. With Campus Pipeline's roles-based system, the user's profile determines what comes through the portal. Users can redo their profiles regularly to reflect their current interests, whether that be joining a campus club or signing up to teach a new course. Campus Pipeline also allows each campus to customize the look of the portal. The Campus Life section may feature advertising, depending on the school's licensing agreement. Contact: Campus Pipeline, Salt Lake City, UT; (888) 682-PIPE;


CyberU offers online training, instructor-led training, and just-in-time training for corporations and campuses. The advanced training platform is entirely extranet-based, allowing for rapid global deployment and customization. The Web site provides 20,000 online courses from art history to software applications, from over 600 providers. Degree programs are available. CyberU also tracks each user's personal schedule of classes. Together with its campus store, career-planning center, and virtual library, CyberU offers a complete distance learning package. Contact: CyberU, Santa Monica, CA; (310) 581-2005;


eCollege CampusPortal is a distance and on-campus site that offers Web-based email, calendar functions, and other online communication tools; an online community center for daily campus communications; customized local and national news, weather, sports, and more; community and alumni features, such as online chapters, clubs and study groups; browser testing, system testing, and user assessment tools; full integration with eCollege's other platforms; and e-commerce options. The company has partnered with publishers such as Pearson Education and Harvard Business School Publishing to deliver online content. Contact: eCollege: Denver, CO; (888) 884-7325; is a site dedicated to linking prospective students to thousands of online distance education courses. At the eLearners site, users can locate over 24,000 individual courses and 2400 online degree or certificate programs offered by more than 1600 providers. This portal d'es not link to student or administrative services. The site is a hub for online course delivery from a number of academic institutions. This site is advertising supported, and peppered with pop-up ads. Contact:,


Jenzabar's portal provides tailored, personalized access to student services such as course registration, course Web pages, the Internet, email, and other school specific resources. The package includes a personal calendar (which can be pre-loaded with the student's own course information), resume builder, and a handout section through which instructors can distribute text, audio, and video course materials. Jenzabar features streamed discussion forums for online office hours, chat rooms for study and review, customized posting to user's Web sites, Web page builder and hosting tools, an entertainment center, and even a special symbols palette for math, science, and music students. Online course management tools such as a grade book and test preparation software round out the portal's features. Contact: Jenzabar, Cambridge, MA; (877) 536-0222;

PeopleSoft Campus Portal

Pre-built with PeopleSoft 8 Internet Architecture, Campus Portal offers an out-of-the-box design that shortens implementation time and simplifies upgrades. Schools can customize the look of the portal to reflect their unique colors, mascot, and image. Administrators can also customize the navigational links as well as the design of individual "pagelets," the modular building blocks of the portal. Institutions can add their own content, such as campus news and events. PeopleSoft's Web publishing function enables individuals to contribute original content as well. The portal can draw on PeopleSoft applications or integrate with a campus's established system to provide a central access point for all campus services, including admissions, registration, financial aid, payroll, personnel, grading, and alumni relations. It's possible to partner Campus Portal with existing online vendors, such as the campus store, or combine it with PeopleSoft's own e-commerce solutions. Contact: PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, CA; (800) 380-SOFT;

The Educator Online Classroom Management System portal from integrates course development tools, student services, and administrative management. The Educator system offers content delivery and publishing features; communication features including chat, email, and discussion; multiple testing and quizzing options; student management features such as the ability to divide the class into activity groups; and a variety of customization features. The site can be customized separately for student and faculty use. Educator also features integration with campus SIS systems as well as counseling and student records management functions. Contact: UCompass, Tallahassee, FL; (850) 297-1800;

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