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Exploring at Berkeley

Syllabus2004 attendees take their quest for knowledge to UC-Berkeley, one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

Since 1868, UC-Berkeley has attracted visitors and students worldwide to the central campus of the University of California, nestled among 178 acres of majestic, wooded Northern California beauty. What better setting for a day of learning and exploration as attendees walk the campus and partake of vigorous on-site sessions and stimulating discussion groups? Syllabus2004 at Berkeley allowed attendees to see and experience the latest education technology in action with leading scholars and technologists.

The Berkeley campus is renowned for its libraries, labs, research and publications, and the distinction of its faculty and students. The faculty includes eight Nobel Laureates, 124 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 19 MacArthur Fellows, 81 Fulbright Scholars, three Pulitzer Prize winners and more Guggenheim Fellows (138) than any other university in the US.

Conference attendees journey on one of the nine buses that ferried them from the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco to the UC-Berkeley campus.


Berkeley is known for its architectural and historical landmarks, such as Wheeler Hall and the soaring Campanile (Sather Tower).


Opening keynote. Clifford Lynch, executive director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), and adjunct professor at UC-Berkeley, delivers the opening keynote address, “Digital Learning Cultures,” at the Hyatt Regency; the conference moves to the UC-Berkeley campus immediately afterward.

Berkeley welcome address. Christina Maslach, vice provost of Undergraduate Education at UC-Berkeley, welcomes the Syllabus2004 attendees.

Berkeley overview and keynote. Kristine Hafner, UC’s associate VP of Information Resources, Office of the President, delivers the Berkeley keynote, detailing IT’s role in the university system’s financial and strategic picture.

On-site sessions. Karen Miles (left) and Judy Stern (right), Berkeley Educational Services instructional technology specialists in Multimedia Authoring and Faculty Training, share their experiences with attendees in “Technology Training for Faculty: Meeting Diverse Needs,” in the Maude Fife room at Stephens Hall, below

Hitting the trail. Attendees put on their walking sh'es as they move from session to session around the UC Berkeley campus.
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