SmartClassroom Wednesday March 1 2006

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Meeting the Accountability Challenge by Implementing a Campus-Wide ePortfolio

By Neal W. Topp
University of Nebraska at Omaha

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), a state-supported campus in the University of Nebraska system with 15,000 students, has begun a campus-wide ePortfolio initiative. The project is spearheaded by faculty, staff, and administration, and includes all colleges, the Vice Chancellor's office, and the Information Technology Services division. Currently, more than 2,000 students populate several types of student ePortfolios, and more than 400 faculty members are building ePortfolios to be used in their annual review process. Our goal is to include all faculty by the 2007 annual review. The faculty ePortfolio implementation will give our instructors valuable first-hand experience and will help them understand the potential of student ePortfolios.

News & Product Updates

Tech-savvy Students Stuck in Text-Dominated Schools

Tech-savvy students stuck in text-dominated schools featured on the education|evolving website provides up-to-date information on the attitudes, competencies and perceptions of the high school graduates entering our colleges and universities. (education/evolving) Read more.

No College Left Behind?

No college left behind? at Inside Higher Ed is a provocative read for all involved in using technology in higher education. We must consider whether multiple modes of representing student learning offer a credible response to the growing interest in extending standardized tests to higher education. (Inside Higher Ed) Read more

'Digital Ecosystem' at Carnegie Mellon

Jared Cohon, Carnegie Mellon's president, and J'el Smith, Carnegie Mellon's vice provost and chief information officer, describe the management imperative for the 'Digital Ecosystem,' a heterogeneous and interdependent campus environment. (Issues Online) Read more

Case Study

Video Conferencing and Music Performance Education: Around the world with the Manhattan School of Music

By Christianne Orto
Manhattan School of Music

Distance learning in music education, how is this possible? Skeptics wonder if videoconferencing technology can capture superior sound quality or has the necessary clarity for tracking minute movements during performance. The surprising answer: Yes, to both.

Tech Notes

IT Struggles with Climate Change

Gary Anthes describes the work of climatologists in a |recent issue of Computerworld. The immensity of the datasets that underlie global change simulations need computers with 25 times the computational capacity of those currently in use. The article points to the promise and the challenges facing our Supercomputer infrastructure. (Computerworld) Read more

Reader Response

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Creating the Classroom of Tomorrow
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