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Jenzabar Brews Up Java-Based HR, Payroll Tools

Higher education software maker Jenzabar has unveiled Jenzabar CX Human Resources, Java-based payroll and human resources modules that represent the first step in Jenzabar’s move to convert all of its Jenzabar CX modules to Java.

The modules, originally written in Visual Basic for the Jenzabar CX higher education administrative management system, have been rewritten and redesigned for a database- and platform-independent Java-based application framework that will serve as the foundation for future Jenzabar CX development.

The new modules are fully customizable and configurable, provide all elements necessary for managing employee compensation, and feature HR timesavers such as easier employee inquiries and global benefit updates. Additionally, the modules also sport a redesigned user interface and a new menu structure.

Using the system, college administrators can define, record, track, and story employee histories and associate employees with multiple hire, rehire, adjusted service, retirement, and termination dates. Data can also be shared between campus departments.

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