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Technology Institute Launches Open Educational Resource

The Monterey Institute of Technology and Education has launched HippoCampus, a website designed to supplement learning for high school and college students in order to assist with credit recovery and home schooling, as well as AP and general ed use. HippoCampus is an open education resource and is available free of charge to all users.

"Our mission is to increase access to quality education for everyone. HippoCampus is a big step toward achieving that goal. Individuals in all 50 U.S. states and 91 countries are already taking advantage of the complete course content on HippoCampus," said Gary W. Lopez, executive director of The Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.

Subjects covered include algebra, American government, biology, calculus, environmental science, physics, religion, and United States history.

The website is designed to let instructors to create customized pages where they can direct students to links featuring course material, bookmark pages, and post messages.

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