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Infinity Learning Uses Amazon Web Services, Takes Moodle to the Cloud

Infinity Learning Solutions (ILS) said it has used the Amazon Web Services  (AWS) platform to develop a cloud computing solution for the open source learning management system Moodle.

According to ILS, the solution will help colleges and universities with budgetary constraints implement a learning management system that supports student needs, without having to maintain a costly infrastructure. And, as an open source platform, Moodle allows organizations to contribute to the code base, increasing their access to  features while helping to avoid the potential for "vendor lock-in."

"Many community colleges and universities lack the resources and infrastructure to rapidly roll out a full featured Moodle solution. Taking advantage of cloud computing opens up new possibilities for these institutions," said Troy Tolle, CTO at Infinity Learning Solutions, in a prepared statement.  "By taking advantage of dynamic server scaling based on load demands, the AWS hosted Moodle service can rapidly react to large swings in load. The Amazon Simple Storage Solution (s3) gives us virtually unlimited storage capacity for our larger customers."

In addition to the AWS-based platform, Infinity Learning Solutions will also offer a single sign-on to DigitalChalk, providing the ability to connect Moodle resources with streaming video assets. The company also plans to offer Blackboard to Moodle Migration services.

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Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.

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