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Campus Technology 2010

Campus Technology - Informative Sessions and Exhibit Hall

Informative Sessions

Breakout sessions covered a wide range of technologies and topics, from “CIO Effectiveness in Higher Education,” to “Teaching With Web 2.0,” to “Overcoming the Barriers to Lecture Capture.”

Pictured, top right: In the session “Virginia Tech’s Use of eFolio Thinking for ePortfolio Adoption,” Marc Zaldivar, director of e-portolio initiatives at Virginia Tech, discussed techniques used to support the successful adoption of e-portfolio technologies.

Buzzing Exhibit Hall

Chock-full of booths, posters, networking tables, and more, the exhibit hall provided a hands-on look at the latest technology products and services for higher ed. Attendees could meet one-on-one with vendors or learn in “technology classrooms” in the exhibit hall presentation theater.

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