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AMX Ships PoE-Ready AV Touch Panel Control

The AMX MVP-9000i uses power over Ethernet and includes 802,11g wireless networking capabilities.

AMX, a company that manufactures AV management systems, has rolled out a new touch panel that controls AV and climate options while mounted in a docking station or used anywhere with an Ethernet connection.

The new touch panel, the MVP-9000i, is a power over Ethernet-ready unit that uses a wired Ethernet connection while docked and automatically switches to a wireless connection when removed from the docking station. For the wireless connection, the device has an integrated 802.11a/b/g WiFi card that offers a feature that improves the reliability of the wireless link by employing two antennas and automatically using the antenna with the stronger signal.

The interface of the new touch panel is a back-lit 9-inch wide screen display with 24-bit color, a resolution of 800 x 480, a brightness of 400 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 900:1. Interface capabilities include gesturing and a total of seven animated page transitions.

Other features include VoIP intercom capabilities, a built-in microphone, a 2 watt mono speaker, a battery life that supports five hours of continuous use, an 85 degree viewing angle from all directions, USB support, and 2 GB of storage (Micro SD) with 1.1 GB accessible to the user.

Optional accessories include a table docking station, a wall mount docking station, a rough-in box docking station, a rough-in box back for wall docking station, cables, adapters, and Micro SD cards.

The MVP-9000i is currently available in black or white and ships with both a power supply and stylus.

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